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I keep forgetting about 'White Bird' because it's the one we hear the least about. I am looking forward to it though whenever it gets released. Gregg Araki films are a bit strange but they're never boring lol. He's a bit daring and off the wall in terms of the films he likes to make so the fact that Shai chose to work with him is pretty interesting imo. Unfortunately, it may be a while before we see this one. It's very, very low-budget and hasn't screened at any film festivals so far this year. They may be waiting to screen this one at the Toronto Film Festival in September. If it's good, it could pick up a lot of positive buzz there going forward.

stilestilinski, I believe I read somewhere that a trailer for 'The Spectacular Now' will be released when 'The Bling Ring' opens on June 14.
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