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2013 Standard Avatars

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again to submit standard avatars! I did a mass move of all the avatars from two years ago into a new folder. It's still accessible for the public to use.

Info & Schedule:
  • There will be an overall of 5 avatars per board added to .
  • All Moderators will pick 10 and the Graphics Team will then select the final 5 from those 10.
  • Mods: Feel free to participate in the icon making process. Please be fair in selecting the avatars.

  • TV Shows: Present ~ May 1st to May 15th
  • Female Celebrities ~ May 15th to May 29th
  • Male Celebrities ~ May 29th to June 12th
  • Music Artists ~ June 12th to June 26th
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Fan Extras ~ June 26th to July 10th
  • TV Shows: Past ~ July 10th to July 24th
  • General Discussion ~ July 24th to August 7th

  • Please don't include any text on the avatars. (That means actual text or logo.)
  • No animated avatars.
  • All avatars must be 100px by 100px.
  • All avatars should be a general representation of the board.
  • You may submit up to 5 avatars (no more) per person per board.
  • You may create your avatar(s) however you like - but no text or animation.
  • Do not submit any previous standard avatars, or take another person's avatars claiming them as your own. You must make them yourself.

Please only submit avatars that you have made yourself. If you need help/suggestions please check out the thread here on the Fan Art board. You can see the icons we have already uploaded in the Edit Avatar page of your User CP.

You may start posting your avatars here right away!

Deadline: June 12th
PM Tina for any questions, concerns, and for mods: submitting the top 10.
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