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Originally Posted by dancing in the rain (View Post)
That too Especially with people who have auditioned 2 or 3 or even 4 times before!
This season was the perfect example!

That's awesome! It's a really great album. And yeah IKR? I had a feeling you'll like that intro which was one of the reasons it was the first I recced It's such a powerful song in its entirety! And that's a good point about 30STM
Haha, you know me well. I just have a thing for awesome guitar riffs. xD So, thanks for the great recommendation!

I noticed you were listening to other songs too, which ones are your favourites so far? Other than In and Out of Time, I really like Scars (this one kind of reminds me of Linkin Park music), Wake Up, Rise, Love Has Come for me and Never Gone. I really like the music on all the songs.
Sorry I'm replying so late. In And Out Of Time is definitely my favorite. I also like Noise, Scars (it does sound a bit like Linkin Park), You Are, Love Has Come For Me, Never Gone. There might be more, I need to listen to the whole album again and get back to you. I agree, the music is really great on all of them, it sounds like a really well composed and produced album.

Originally Posted by Stay Strongღ (View Post)
Hey, guys! I haven't been here in a while, but I wanted to share that I got to meet Colton last night!

Btw, I absolutely love his album! I think my favorites are You Are, Never Gone, In & Out of Time, Let Them See You, I'll Be the Light, Love Has Come for Me!
Hey Jessica! That' awesome you met Colton! Such a great picture. Did you enjoy the show?

Looks like we have a lot of same favorites.
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