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I'm going to go broke I actually bought 3 books at the Archaia booth. Vol 1 & 2 of Rust and Strange Attractors. Their binding and art is SO beautiful, such high quality! I kept eyeing Everlast because I'm tempted to get another copy thats unsigned that I won't feel guilty reading. I had an unsigned copy, but I gave it to Nat because I needed to able to discuss it with her. But then I also bought some Snoopy shirts and two other books called "27", it's a music centeres comic Sandy so I think you'll enjoy it if I do. I also paid to meet Laurie Holden of TWD

So I'm spending a lot.

Mel is VERY kind, and I am so glad Chad published his first book with them. And I must say, Chad is still the mst humble and genuine celeb I've met in person. that or he covers up annoyances very well
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