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The new cast of Kate's movie was really excited to start shooting. They were all together when suddenly someone called out and ran towards the door. It was the director. He saw Kate using some new cameras and a new script. After the other saw a light coming from the hall they went back to see her. Then everyone started working on the new screenplay and it was great. Then they noticed a strange person who was standing in the middle of the room. Everyone was curious who the person was. Then he suddenly introduced himself as Kates brother and everyone was happy. Kate hugged him and said hello. After she and her brother talked, they all went back home. The two people saw a car pull up and stop. Then a sound was heard and everyone was startled and they screamed Kate and she saw a red car coming. When the car stopped Kate saw a woman get out and waving at them. She said she wanted to see Kate and talk to her. Then Kate noticed her, she said that there was something odd about her. She was wearing a red dress and a black heels. Her hair was red and she looked almost exactly like Kate. It was very strange and she thought she had green eyes too. Even her lips were red. Her voice was the same as Kate and her scent was also the same. Addison started to ask her name and she said it was Addison. They were confused about who was real and who was fake. Suddenly Kate said something interesting about her
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