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This board maybe closing

Hello everyone!

It has come to the point where it's time to close this board. I have debated over and over again for the last few weeks and it was a really tough decision to make. But, I have done all I can do with this board now but with the low post count and only a couple of people posting on here it's time to close this board. If there's anyone who wants to keep this board open please post here and express your opinion.

I have loved moderating this wonderful board for the past 4 years and I loved every minute of discussing my favorite American Idol. As much as it saddens me to do this I want to close this board and move on to other things around this fine forum. But, the Kris thread in the American Idol board will be another great place to chat about Kris.

I want to thank those who've posted on here through the years and my two lovely co-mods Audrey (I feel infinite) and B (YoursToHold) for keeping the board going in the first couple of years. And I want to personally thank Jas because without you here this board would've closed along time ago. So, thank you so much for keeping this board going while I had to step down when I didn't want to two years ago.

From your one and only mod!


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