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Davis wanted Carrie to spy on Jack while he talked to Tru about suspicious gnomes standing alongside the dark wigs and toothpaste monsters pretending to be purple fairies with platform shoes. Harrison laughed at the way everyone was trying out various positions to see how long they could stick out their tongues for, but birds caused needles to appear out of the bottom of Avery's hotdog bun. Jack took Harrison's hand and squeezed hard, which turned Harrison's money into twirling batons while cats clawed at multi-colored balloons floating high above the building. Tru jumped in the river and floated down towards the end of the dock so she could reach for the white doves which were stuck on the pilings. When Jensen decided he wanted to try and dance around while wearing purple ear-muffs and long shorts that rose so high people kicked beans beyond his reach, Tru thought she heard a bell ringing shortly after sundown warning everyone took a gamble because of the large insect
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