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The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

Ok so I wrote everything I could remember. The episode was not a Shamy episode but it has Shamy goodness all throughout. There were a couple of cute Leonard and Penny scenes but nothing too heavy. I broke it down by plots for easier reading.

It starts out with the boys and Penny in the boys apartment eating. Howard and Raj were talking about getting superhero figures specially made personal to look like them. I wish I could remember the lines but they ask Leonard if he wants one and its obvious he does but Penny finds it humorous so he says no. They ask Sheldon if he wants one and he wants to know if he will get some kind of superhero hands and they tell him no so he says "stop wasting my time". Then that is it for that scene. They shot it several times. The lines changes once when they told Leonard that he could get an asthma inhaler with his superhero.

Leonard and Howard are in Howard's lab and Leonard comments on the strange location of Howard and Bernadette's wedding photo. Its large and on the wall. Howard says its because he loves Bernadette and it hides where he burned a hole in the wall with a laser. He pulls the picture off the wall and you see the big hole. Raj comes in all excited and his and Howard's superhero dolls are in. They paid $500 each for the dolls. Raj pulls his out and it is black and the doll has an Afro. He comments that he is supposed the be creamy caramel and not chocolate brown. Howard pulls his doll out and it has a huge nose. This got a huge laugh from the audience. Leonard says maybe its a shipping problem and they got Wesley Snipes and Toucan Sam's doll. He leaves and is laughing about them - I can't remember the joke here.

Next Raj and Howard are discussing how they need a 3-D printer and that they are very expensive but the price is coming down. So the decide to get one.

They show Howard and Raj with the new printer and they made a whistle and it took 2 hours. So they are ready to make their pose as superhero. Raj strikes a pose and is complaining about his belly so he sucks it in. Howard says he will photoshop him in some flat abs so Raj sticks his belly out and Howard then says suck his belly in again.

Next Howard comes home and shows Bernadette his Howard doll. Bernadette says she didn't think there could be any smaller of a Howard than he is. (This got big laughs). He then pulls out a Bernadette doll and Bernadette loves them and tells Howard this. She asks him how much they cost and he said nothing. Then he tells her the printer cost $5000 for his half. Bernadette is furious and tells him he has to sell the printer.

The next is their tag. Howard and Raj are in the cafeteria and Raj is writing a check. Howard says to make it out to Bernadette because she took him off the joint account until he learns the value of money. Raj asks Howard is he going to eat and he said no. He spent his lunch money on Pokemon cards.

Sheldon is in his office and Kripke comes in and discusses the project they are individually working on. The university wants them to collaborate together and Sheldon is very upset. He has a funny scene before Kripke comes in that sounds like he is a sports announcer - he is at his white board "cooper approaches the board" then it's a whole bunch of physics stuff "and cooper solves the equation! Nobel, Nobel (Kripke comes in here) and he quietly says Nobel (since he has his saying things in threes).

Next scene Leonard and Penny coming home from the movies they joke about something I can't remember and they hear some kind of music coming out of L/S apartment. Leonard doesn't want to go in because he knows that Sheldon is in a funky mood. Penny, concerned about Sheldon goes in and Leonard follows. Sheldon is sitting in his spot with his head covered up with an afghan. Penny asks him if he is ok and he turns to her and says I'm sitting here listening to this music with my head covered up does it look like he is ok? Leonard offers to make him tea. He doesn't want tea. Leonard offers cocoa and Sheldon wants the cocoa. He explains having to work with Kripke and how he is upset (sorry I can't remember what the proper phrasing is) but Leonard know they he needs to make Cider for Sheldon.

Next Kripke comes into Sheldon's office and Kripke tells Sheldon he was supposed to be in there 30 minutes ago. And Sheldon say "and here you are, score one for Cooper" and something else...sorry. They agree to exchange their work. Kripke gives Sheldon an envelope and Sheldon gives him one. Kripke leaves and Sheldon begins to open Kripke's work when Kripke comes back in and shows that Sheldon gave him nothing but blank paper. Sheldon gives him another envelope and Kripke takes it and says "if this has blank paper in I'm going to be pissed". Sheldon says "fine" and pulls out yet another envelope and Kripke leaves.

Next scene is Amy and Sheldon in Sheldon's apartment. Amy is making tea at the island and Sheldon is in his spot. Amy walks over and says that one of her monkeys in her nicotine addiction study has taken up smoking a pipe. She says she is supposed to dissect his brain but he reminds her of her uncle so it will be hard. Sheldon just nods and Amy says he is awfully quiet and asks him what is wrong. He starts to cry and says that Kripke's work is leaps and bounds ahead of his. Amy says she wishes she cold do something and suggests a comforting hug to Sheldon. He says "it couldn't hurt". Amy scoots over right next to him and puts her arms around him. She then asks "how does that feel" and he says "like a boa constrictor" Amy pulls back and Sheldon, still weepy says "why did you stop?" And Amy puts her arm around him. He lifts one of his hands to slightly touch her her arm on one take. I hope they use that one. It was so sweet.

Next morning and Leonard is ready to go to work and Sheldon fakes a temperature so he doesn't have to go. Leonard looks at the thermometer and say 128? What you do stick this in your tea? And Sheldon says great, even you're smarter than me. Leonard fusses at Sheldon and says Kripke isn't smarter than Sheldon. Leonard then calls him by his full name and tells him to go get ready for work. Sheldon leaves the room to get ready and Leonard says to himself that he has to remember how he did that.

Next scene is in Sheldon's office and Kripke comes in and says his work isn't where he thought it would be. Sheldon hangs his head and prepares for mocking by Kripke. Kripke says he knows why his work isn't up to par. Sheldon looks at him and Kripke says its because Sheldon has a girlfriend and is getting laid all the time. Sheldon goes along with it and Kripke keeps talking about it and Sheldon talks about Amy being fond of his genitals. So they go back and forth with Kripke making assumptions about Sheldon's sex life. It was hilarious. Sheldon acting all macho going along with it.

Next is the scene with L/P/S eating. S tells Leonard to go along with the rumor of Sheldon having sex all the time with Amy if Kripke asks. Penny says why didn't Sheldon tell the truth and he said it would make him look bad but the lie makes him look good. Then Sheldon described his lovemaking as whimsical and something else and Leonard wants to know if Penny would describe his that way and Penny says yes that is what she writes on the bathroom wall. The Penny asks about Sheldon about will he ever have sex with Amy and Leonard tells her they don't talk about that. Penny says she does and asks him again. Sheldon says it is a very personal question. He tells her he is very fond of Amy. Penny says that they have been together a long time and that Amy would want that kind of relationship with him. Sheldon talks about physical contact being hard for him but easy for others but he trying. He says in the past touching, shaking hands and hugging is difficult but just a few weeks ago he put vapo rub on Amy's chest and that was something that would have made him uncomfortable in the past. Leonard says that was how he feels when he has to put it on Sheldon. So then penny says so you are saying that one day you and Amy will have sex and Sheldon gets up and goes to the refrigerator and says "it's possible" in one take and "I wouldn't rule it out" in another. They were both good - I was stunned and so was Penny who has her mouth open and pulls and punches Leonard's arm. Penny then thanks Sheldon for opening onto her because she knows that was hard.

Next is Sheldon and Kripke in Sheldon's office and Sheldon is working on his white board. Kripke is just staring at Sheldon and says "did you do her good last night?" Sheldon says "I did her well". Kripke says "you're killing me!" Then he asks Sheldon if he and Amy use toys and Sheldon says there is a model rocket next to his bed and Kripke says "you freak!" And that was the end!

I'm sure I missed stuff but if you have questions ask and I shall do my best!

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