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What to say. This in no means came as an easy choice for both Hannah and myself. But it seemed like the best thing to do for the board. We wanted to go out on our own terms then get shut down. Ironic really, when you think about Chuck. We were the little show that could.

This place was where I really fell in love with this show. I had watched it from episode one, and I knew that it would be in my top three shows. But, this place is where a became a member of the fandom. I was feeding my habit as a spoiler addict, when I stumbled across FF. Saw it had a Chuck board, and began lurking.

The regular posters we had back then seemed like a tight knit bunch of folk, and I was nervous to just jump in, but I did, and it became my online home. I would finish Uni, and the first thing I would do is log into FF and check the board. And this is why this is such a hard decision. Chuck was always kept alive by its online fandom, and it saddens me that we couldnt do the same for this place. But as Hannah said, when its just us 2 in the majority of threads, its gets hard to keep it up. We would have loved to keep this place going, but there just wasn't enough traffic to keep it going.

I'll miss all the talented people that made the fandom such an attractive place... And that mythical 300th celebration thread that never quite came around.

I'm glad I got the chance to met so many great people through this place. And that'll be what I miss most. But, I to am always on twitter and on tumblr to. So, dont be a stranger at all. And who knows with a little more time maybe i'll join WoW.

Thank you everyone over the years who have made this place. All the past mods and posters. We'll miss you. But I'll definitly start back up a Chuck thread at the television board, and the CS thread at the couples board. So hopefully i'll see some of you over there.


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