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Found another one of Lauren/Sarah pieces that was worn by another star on their show. Last night in Malibu County: Not With My Daughter, Reba wore the Free People Crochet Cuff Henley that Sarah wore in Vilot in 3.03 Step Right Up and in Black in 3.06 Tales From the Luncheonette. Reba's was in a lime green.

There was this one, too, that I either forgot to post or maybe posted it in a different thread. on 11/25/12 in Hot in Cleveland: Lost Loves, Joy/Jane Leeves wore the same dress that Sarah/Lauren wore in 3.09 Sore Loser. It was the DvF New Sol dress Sarah wore at the bar when she and Mark were talking about her telling drew he couldn't see Amy except on weekends because of a bad grade.

Sorry about the double post but it has been a long time since anything was posted here so I figured it would be okay.
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