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Reese was drinking a Coke while watching TV and talking on the phone. She wanted to ask if Rob was doing anything until the press tour begins. Rob gave Reese a gift because Reese just wanted a hug. Later, Reese went to the store and bought him a new jacket because the old one didn't fit. Afterward, Reese went around the town to grab a dress for the ball at the new store that was opening. The dress was beautiful because it had embroidery on its sleeves and lace fabric on the back. Later, she went to the mall and then bought new shoes. She shopped for shoes at the best store called Lanvin. After she was done with the cards, she chose to go to the store selling jewelry that looked like a bird. Reese then went to the beach to check out the waves and relax after a long week of work. She was very happy about the time that she had with her husband. Jim said Reese was a very good mom. Reese and Ava went to the mall to shop for clothes for school. She was excited to go to the store to purchase t-shirts for the fair. The sky looked very blue and was so pretty. It was the best looking thing Reese had ever seen before in her life. She was so intrigued by it that she went to the bank and told her about the crisis with natural disasters. After this is the best thing to with a child, so she went to a library in the deserted town of West Virginia. Later on,
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