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In December 2007, before the second film was released, Nicolas Cage showed interest in doing a third film, believing it should be more international. In early 2008, Disney registered the domains for and In May 2008, Director Jon Turteltaub said that the filmmaking team would take its time on another National Treasure sequel. In September 2008, Jerry Bruckheimer officially confirmed that they were in the process of developing a third film. In November 2008, Bruckheimer said that the writers were in the process of writing the script to the film. In March 2009, Jon Voight, who plays Patrick Gates, said that the script was not yet finished, and was also quoted as saying "I just hope there's good stuff for me to play in it, that Helen (Mirren, who plays his ex-wife) will be back."Disney had planned to begin filming in late 2010, after Justin Bartha had finished The Hangover: Part II, but no announcements have been made as to whether or not filming took place.

In May 2010, Bruckheimer said that the first draft of the screenplay was completed. In an interview with Nicolas Cage, Cage stated: "...I have not heard any news about a third one [National Treasure 3] at this time, and it would be interesting to take National Treasure into South America."

It would appear so Jess
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