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Ok here you go! So, I should say, it is about Shamy but it's more Sheldon heavy than BOTH Sheldon and Amy heavy.'ll see that my mind totally failed me a couple times (and also failed my friend.) Speaking of my friend, a huge shout out of thanks to her. BELIEVE ME this report would have a lot more holes without her...

Scene 1: Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment
Sheldon says welcome to another episode of fun with flags. (Amy is filming) Today they’re going to do a very special episode and introduces Wil Wheaton. Wil says thanks for having him. Amy yells cut and says that Wil was too wooden. He responds…somehow, and Amy says try it again but try to sound like a real person. They did several different takes of Wil doing various types of excited delivery of his next lines (introducing the Star Trek Federation flag btw). Amy yells cut again. Wil says he’s an actor and he knows how to act and he doesn’t need so much direction (which reads REALLY smug, but doesn’t come off QUITE so smug on screen). The next bit’s a little fuzzy (sorry! My friend can’t remember either. ) Wil insults Amy somehow…calls her something. Amy says “Sheldon, are you going to let him talk to me like that?” Sheldon sighs and says “well…” turns to Wil and says “She is my girlfriend…but you’re my friend…I don’t wanna make her angry…but I also don’t wanna make you angry….boy, this is one sticky wicket.” Amy replies “Sheldon, a word.” They walk over into the kitchen and Amy says “You’re friend is being rude. I want him to leave.” And then Sheldon says he can’t ask him to leave because he’s a minor celebrity and “Once I explain who he is everyone recognizes him!” Amy says “Well maybe I should leave” and Sheldon smiles and says that would solve his problem and then asks if he would see Amy at dinner. She responds by saying maybe he would rather have dinner with Wil Wheaton, and Sheldon smiles and says “I would actually. Boy you’re really on fire tonight!”

Scene 2: Howard’s bedroom (Pretaped [read “I might not remember much”])
Bernadette comes in to Howard’s room. She says that she thought they were moving out of her mother’s house and into Bernadette’s apartment. Howard says he is (his room is still basically the same…not much has been moved). Then she says it’s time to go and he says that since it’s so late they should just stay. Bernadette says that he always says that and that they’re always staying the night. Howard says something about feeling guilty about leaving his mom because she’s all he has. Bernadette makes him promise to move out this weekend. Howard agrees and then says “Those light sabers will look great in the living room.” Bernadette says “Or the closet, we’ll see.”

Scene 3: Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment
Leonard is typing at his computer when Sheldon walks in. Leonard says something about how Sheldon was being a big boy by being out after dark. Sheldon says he was at the Home Town Buffet with Wil Wheaton and when they recognized him (Wil) they sat them next to the yogurt machine. They were *this close* and another 4 hours and they could have really shut the Home Town Buffet. Leonard says he thought Sheldon was supposed to have dinner with Amy and Sheldon says he was but Wil Wheaton called Amy an A-S-S and she got mad and left so he went with Wil. (this part is fuzzy again…) Leonard repeats what Sheldon said incredulously and then asks what happened again. Sheldon says he had fun at a reasonably priced restaurant. Leonard clues Sheldon in to the fact that Amy is likely angry, to which Sheldon scoffs. Leonard says they should call her, so Sheldon skypes her. She answers, looking angry. Sheldon says that Leonard thinks she’s angry and isn’t that silly. She says “I’m angry Sheldon.” Sheldon replies “You should have one of your Luna bars. Sometimes when women think they are angry they’re actually just hungry.” Amy says, “Your friend insulted me and you did nothing.” And he responds with “That’s right! I did nothing!” Amy says “Goodbye Sheldon” and hangs up. Sheldon sits back and says “Amy is angry with me and Leonard was right…what a weird day.”

Scene 4: Cheesecake factory (pretaped)
Howard and Bernadette are sitting at a table when Penny walks up with their order and says sorry this took so long. Bernadette asks if it’s busy and Penny says no she’s just bad at her job. (fuzzy stuff following again) Bernadette mentions Howard moving in. He says “about that”. Bernadette says “you promised!” Then Penny tells Bernadette that it’ll never happen. Howard says “Hey!” I don’t really remember the exchange exactly but he eventually makes some big speech about how no one is going to push him around and he’s going to do whatever he wants. Penny says “gee sorry” and leaves and then Howard turns to Bernadette and says “that was all for her benefit. I’ll move this Saturday, I love you please don’t leave me.”

Scene 5: Amy’s hallway
Sheldon shows up to Amy’s door and knocks *knock knock knock* “Amy” *knock knock knock* “Amy” *knock knock knock* “Angry Amy”. Amy answers the door and asks him what he wants. He says he’s sorry she’s angry and then says he bought her a gift. He takes it out of the bag and it’s the entire seven seasons of Star Trek TNG (Amy is not impressed). He thinks that if she watches the show then she’ll know just what a national treasure Wil really is. Amy slams the box set into his chest and slams the door in his face. Sheldon then says he’ll just describe it to her. He starts describing episode one. After about 10 seconds Amy opens the door, grabs the box set, and then slams the door again.

Scene 6: Howard’s room
Howard, Leonard, and Raj are packing up the last parts of Howard’s room. Howard says “oh if these walls could talk” and Leonard says “yeah like ‘why is this guy touching himself so much’?” Raj said it’s the end of an era. Howard says yeah, it’s always been his room. Leonard looks at the door jam and starts reading. 7th, 8th, and 9th grades are the same spot. Howard walks over to his desk and says he remembers hiding under there after Halloween and eating peanut M&M’s and going into anaphylactic shock. Then when he got back, to celebrate, he ate a snickers and had to go back to the hospital. Raj asks when he finally figured out he was allergic to nuts. Howard says somewhere around the 3rd Almond Joy. Leonard says they should get going. Howard asks if they could give him a moment. Leonard says they’re not going to wait by the moving truck while Howard touches himself. Howard pauses and then says “yeah…ok”

Scene 7: Cheesecake Factory Bar (one of 2 of my fave scenes…so hilarious)
Penny is at the bar and Sheldon walks up. Penny asks why he there and he asks if he can talk to her about girls. Penny says she knew this conversation was coming and then asks if he’s getting fuzz in new places. Sheldon rolls his eyes and says that his problem is with Amy and “by the way, I’ve had a fully grown pubis since 19.” Penny makes a vomiting noise and then asks him what he’s drinking. He says that he’s had hard day and that chamomile tea won’t be enough. Penny suggests Long Island Iced Tea. Sheldon asks if it will relax him and Penny says it’s relaxed the pants off of her a few times. He agrees (not realizing it’s alcoholic). Sheldon says that someday scientists will discover that the second X chromosome is nothing more than twaddle. Penny says Amy told her all about what happened and he should just apologize and that would warm Amy’s twaddle. She hands him the Long Island Iced Tea and he proceeds to SUCK IT DOWN FAST (3 seconds). Penny tells him to slow down and he gives her a look and says he knows how to drink tea. Sheldon says that “both Amy and Wil are witty and intelligent and/or were on Star Trek”. Then Penny points out that Sheldon is from Texas and doesn’t that mean he should stand up for his womanfolk (or something involving the word womanfolk. ) Sheldon says, “You’re right. That [something-to-describe-Wil] done disrespected my woman.” Then Sheldon says that when he and Amy buy Planters mixed nuts Amy eats the brazil nuts so that he doesn’t have to look at them. Then they filmed 2 different lines. (1) Sheldon says he’s the brazil nuts of boyfriends and if he’s not careful Amy will leave him for a smooth talking cashew. (2) Sheldon says he’s an egomaniac and Amy will leave him. After both takes Penny says (while handing him another Long Island Iced Tea) “No she won’t” and Sheldon says “you’re right, I’m great” and proceeds to suck down the second Long Island just as fast as the first. Penny responds with “Welcome to Long Island, tex.”

Scene 8: Howard and Bernadette’s apartment (pretaped)
Howard walks in with his last box and says that he’s all moved out. He says that now Bernadette will be the only woman in his life that he sees naked in the bathroom. He starts going through boxes and pulls out a magic wand. He sits down and tells a story about how he started with the magic after his dad left. He would put on a show and then ask for a pretty assistant and have his mom come up, and it would make her forget that she was alone. Bernadette sighs (exasperated) and says “Grab a box”. Howard asks why and she says because they’re going to be staying at his mom’s. He says no that’s alright. Bernadette (out of sight and in her Mrs. Wolowitz voice) says something to the effect that no husband of hers is going to break his mother’s heart.

Scene 9: Outside Wil Wheaton’s house (my other fave scene…also hilarious)
Sheldon stumbles up the step to Wil’s house, very drunk. He knocks twice and then says “Wait…how many was that?” Wil opens the door and asks what Sheldon’s doing there and has he been drinking. Sheldon says “just tea” and then shouts “It was two!” and slams his fits on the door jam 3 times and yells “Wil Wheaton!” (more fuzzy stuff ) Wil asks something else about what Sheldon’s doing there and Sheldon says something about how Wil “disrespected my woman.” Wil responds somehow and Sheldon says “I’m from Texas…need I say more?” Then he holds up his fists. Wil says “Do you think we’re going to fight?” Sheldon says (fists still up) “Well, I’m not milking a large invisible cow.” Then Wil asks Sheldon if he’s alright. They taped a bunch of different 2-3 word responses and then Sheldon says, “As an aside, which of your shrubbery is in most need of a thorough vomiting.” Wil just looks at him. Sheldon says “nevermind, I’ll choose” and vomits over the edge of the porch. He comes up once and says “I loved you in Stand By Me!” and then continues vomiting.

Scene 10: Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment
Sheldon introduces Fun With Flags again saying they’re going to have a very special episode about Star Trek flags and introduces Levar Burton. Levar comes over and sits down. He says a few words and Amy yells “CUT!!” and then puts her head in her hands and says “He’s worse than Wil Wheaton!” Sheldon speaks out the side of his mouth that he doesn’t see it but Amy’s his girlfriend and he has to agree with her. Then they both give fake smiles at the camera.

So about anything else, well, like I said, we had crappy seats. The only scene I could really see was the one taped in Howard's bedroom. Even the guy's apartment, I could only see the kitchen. So, basically what I'm saying is that I have no oogling reports of any kind because I didn't see hardly anyone. Except that Johnny and Kaley came up and took the mic and thanked the crew. It was really sweet. And then at the very end no one came to do autographs (not even Kunal) but they were taking photos as a cast with some I got to see that which was fun. OH! I do remember one tiny thing that Jim did that was funny. He like clasped his hands together and then was just shaking his hand up and down really was funny. A few lines got messed up, but they just funny type stuff.
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