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So I'm supposed to be in vacation right now, but I just can't stay away from freaking out about this episode with everyone! Yes, as many of you have said, it's pretty remarkable that Sheldon included this whole section in the agreement for their anniversary ESPECIALLY when two years ago (the anniversary they're celebrating) he couldn't/wouldn't even call her his girlfriend...very interesting how he retroactively counted that as their time as a couple. My heart is full of love with just that. There is no way he can loophole his way out of the clear intention in writing that section.

One of the things that stood out to me most was Raj's scenes(he was in almost every scene) and I have to say Kunal KILLED IT! he was amazing. Just soooo funny. I loved seeing him shine...and be a little catalyst for the two couples. He was incredible in the L/P scene, badgering her to say 'I love you' honestly felt like he was speaking for the audience when he was yelling THAT IS RIDICULOUS! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM! SAY IT! SAY IT! All Penny would say is that she wasn't going to say it...and Raj wouldn't back down. I sort of loved to see him have Leonard's back there. OH! And I forgot...he did mention his dog...when he was in the comic bok store with Stuart he said that sometimes he puts chardonnay in her water bowl, and she's a mean drunk, but what can you do? He was fantastic.

And Moyra is right, the Spiderman speech was SOOO husband's jaw was dropped...the audience was silent (although they went Awwww when he said he needed her). I'm pretty sure I did some sort of squeak/gasp hybrid...not my proudest moment. And you guys will see, there is no way that this didn't come at least in some part from his heart. Sheldon could have said any romantic cliche (like our two hearts are one and I like your sweater haha) but he chose something SO specific and so applicable to him...and he said it in a way that was far more sincere than anything he's ever said before. It makes me think that he maybe watched the spiderman movie at some point and really related to that and applied that to his relationship with Amy because like Moyra mentioned, as soon as she threatened to leave him, he immediately snapped into serious mode and said this amazing was so quick...he didn't have to think at all anout it. I just don't believe he pulled that out of nowhere and said it in a way that still makes my stone cold military husband get teary--eyed. As far as the two takes, Moyra is right in that the second take is a bit more satisfying because Amy didn't seem so upset, however, I just LOVED Sheldon chasing after her. But I think that it doesn't really change the outcome all that much either way. The point is that Sheldon still has a lot to learn about being in a relationship, but we can see his heart and emotions are in it...whether or not he knows how to communicate that clearly, but that speech was far better than what I expected from Sheldon at this point.

The rest of the date (and even in his scenes with the guys, Sheldon seemed very happy (even if obliviously so haha). One of my favorite things was when he winked at her (I screamed a little bit.) The first take, he grinned really big after the 'legal eagle' line and winked at her, and then in the second take he winked and did double finger guns.

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Meg, was there any interesting interaction amongst the cast in between scenes? Any good bloopers to report?
As far as bloopers, there weren't too many...I have to say...the gang was on top of their game last night. Very few do overs. The one that was the funniest was when th guys were in the cafeteria, Sheldon said that if he was ever going to be eaten by a sea creature, it would be a Kraken, because then the last thing he would hear would be 'Release the Kraken!'...and he paused and then said 'RELEASE THE KRAKEN!' and that it never gets old. The first time he said it...everyone laughed sooo loud that he couldn't get through the line, so had to start over but he laughed a little.

Um, also, before the very first scene, they were at the comic book store, and thy were getting ready....the music was playing really loud and he audience was getting pumped up, and the crowd entertainer guy was trying to get the audience to participate in some game, but all I could do is stare down the stage at Jim (who was facing away from us) and moving his *eh hem* body around to the dance music. The nuclear holocaust could have been going on around me and my eyes would not have left that man's butt.

Anywho other noteworthy things...we all clapped and congratulated Mayim on her Emmy nomination. Halfway through, Johnny and Kaley jumped up on the railing and thanked us all for being there. Also, as Moyra said, while Simon wasn't in any live scenes, he came out at the beginning and end...and in the beginning, he brought out his baby!

So that's all I can think of for the moment...I'm sure I'll have lots more later as it all processes haha. In the meantime, I have a vacation to get to before my husband jerks this phone out of my hand!

ETA: I think Moyra told me that she knew Roxanne is going to be there next week.

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