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Okay, so this is just a very VERY general overview and I'm going to leave out a lot of lines I'm sure, but I'll be much more detailed when I'm not on my phone and I'll answer any questions if something's not so clear.

So, the first scene, the guys are at the comic book store and talking about Howard being in space. Sheldon said he was a bit envious. Leonard said it wasn't so glamorous bc they have to drink water recycled from urine, and Stuart chimed in and said that no one ever wants anything that comes out of him.

Next, Penny is bleaching Amy's mustache at her apt. Amy's getting ready for a special date with Sheldon. it's the two year anniversary of their first date, and the Relationship Agreement states that they must go to a nice restaurant and hold conversation and have physical contact in a manner that onlookers would perceive as affection/intimacy. Penny said it was hot...and to use protection. Amy then asked how things were with her and Leonard. Penny said it was awkward after Leonard proposed during sex. Amy said that if Sheldon proposed during sex, she would grab onto him with her ovaries and never let go.

Next the guys are at the cafeteria. Raj asks the guys if they want to go to a spa and Leonard said he was hanging out with penny so he can't and Sheldon said he had a date with Amy. Raj said that it was ok, he would be alone...he's always alone. Sheldon invites him to come on the date with him and Amy. Raj says yes. Leonard asks Sheldon if he's sure he wants Raj to tag along on their anniversary dinner. Sheldon says yes, because he's contracted to make conversation and physical contact, but there's nothing in the agreement that says be can't outsource that to an Indian.

Next Sheldon and Amy walk into a nice restaurant. (Sheldon's dressed up in a very normal looking stylish dinner jacket and shirt) Amy said it was so romantic. Sheldon said that Raj picked it out. Amy said to thank him, and sheldon said she could do it herself because he was there. Raj was ay a table and called them over. Amy said she didn't understand. Sheldon said he invited him. Amy wad upset told Sheldon it wasn't okay. Sheldon said that it was okay, because he found a loophole in the agreement, and not only is he a brilliant physicist, but also a 'legal eagle' and then we winked at her.

They went to the table and Amy was upset and said that she can't believe she bleached her mustache for this. Raj said that she should go to his guy, they would have done her sideburns for free. Sheldon just looked up from his menu and smiled.

Next scene still in the restaurant, Raj said that he wanted to take the chance to get to know Amy better, and she should tell him something. She said go home. Then she asked Sheldon how he could do that on their anniversary. Raj said he didn't know it was their anniversary and he would make it right...then he orders a bottle of champagne. He then said 'isn't this romantic?' And Sheldon said he hopes that was rhetorical because he has no earthly idea.

Next scene, penny walks into Leonard's apartment and he has a cute setup on the coffee table of beer and snacks and said it was her night. He got all her favorite foods and they were going to watch the football game and he even painted his stomach (it said 'go sports!') Penny was impressed and sat down. As soon as they sat, Leonard asked her where they were in their relationship and Penny got frustrated. Leonard said it would be a lot less weird if they talked about it, and Penny didn't want to. Then Raj came in and said he left Sheldon and Amy alone to be with them and Leonard told him to go, but Penny said to come in, so he did. They drank beers and watched the game...Raj was sitting between them. Then Leonard asked him to leave because they needed to talk about their issues. Raj said that they didn't have any issues. Sure, they've had some bumps in the road, but they've made it through. He said that Penny knew how Leonard felt about her for a long time but she made him grovel for her love, and Leonard proposed during sex, which he was was 'weak tea, dude'. But he said despite all of that all that matters is that they can both tell each other that they love each other. Leonard said that Penny had never said it to that day. Raj started yelling, saying that was ridiculous. And demanded that Penny tell Leonard that she loved him because she knows she does. He kept yelling 'go on, tell him!' Then it cut to him getting kicked out of the apt.

Next scene is back on the shamy date on the restuarant. Amy has drunk the entire bottle of champagne. She asked Sheldon if she ever told him that he looked like a sexy praying mantis. Sheldon smiled and said 'yes, every time you drink' Amy said what's great about the praying mantis is that they devour their mate. She then seductively unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and said 'dessert is served' Sheldon looked at her for a second and said that he already had the cobbler. Amy got upset and stood up, saying she was done with this and started to leave. Sheldon said 'You can't leave. I need you.' Any stopped and said 'you do?' Sheldon said yes, she was his ride. Amy then said that if he didn't tell her something meaningful and from the heart then they were done. He got really serious and asked her to sit down. Then he said (looking into her eyes and talking all meaningfully)

'When I look into your eyes, and you look into mine, I don't feel quite normal. I feel stronger and weaker at the same time. I feel excited and I feel terrified, and honestly I don't know what I'm feeling but I know the kind of man I want to be.'

Amy said that it was beautiful. Sheldon said it should was from the Spiderman movie, and while she said it had to be from the heart, she didn't say whose heart, another example of a loophole. Amy got up and told Sheldon to take the bus home and walked out. Sheldon went running after her saying 'wait! Our two hearts are one! You smell like soap! I like your sweater!'

They re-shot this scene so that after Sheldon said that speech and said it was from Spiderman, Amy said 'Ill take it!' And Sheldon smiled at her. Who knows which version will be used?

So then Raj walks into the comic book's empty except for Stuart who's at the counter, he says he's closing up. Raj said he would leave, but Stuart asks him if he wants to stay and have a nightcap. Raj says sure and they drink out of chewbacca mugs. Then Stuart puts on some music, and it's Latin music, and they're just drinking and sort of dancing along to the music. They dance for a while before they realize they are dancing together. Raj said he should go and Stuart said yeah. Before Raj left, he stopped.and asked Stuart if he wanted to hang out the next night...catch a movie and get dinner. Stuart said yes but he had no money. Raj said he would pay and he would pick Stuart up at 8 and left. Stuart then realized that he agreed to a date with Raj, then shrugged and said 'i could do worse.'

Now a couple times it cuts to Howard in space floating around the space station. He's talking to his mom first, then he video chats with Bernadette who tells him that she found out that he never told his mother that he plans to move out of the house and live with Bernadette when he gets back. She's angry, and he tells her that he'll talk to his mom. In a later scene, he calls his mom, and tells her, but then she guilts him into agreeing to stay, saying that everyone leaves her. So Howard said he would talk to Bernie and they wouldn't leave. Then after he gets off the phone another astronaut says 'you know that you lied to bot your wife and your mother. What are you going to do when you get back to earth?' Howard smiled and said he was never going back to earth. That was the last scene.

So I hope you could understand all of that. I apologize for any typos...I'm on my silly phone. I will give many more details probably tomorrow. In the meantime, I can answer any questions. Thanks for hanging in there and staying up guys! It was soooo fantastic! Perfect first episode that really set the tone for the issues everyone's going to be facing this season.
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