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Well, there was an entire article on it, so I'm assuming it's more than that. I know I was joking, but wouldn't it be nice if "John" was actually Caleb? It would excuse the behavior and explain a lot. The actual John wouldn't leave his child.

I wrote a GH/PC fic once where Livvie kidnapped Sam and took her place. Caleb babysit Sam and the plan was to alienate everyone in Sam's life so no one qould question Caleb suddenly popping up. Now that John's here, I can finish the fic, lol.

If you guys do want to do the OLTL thing, we can make it a little AU and show it from Nat's POV and make her go to PC instead to kick everyone's ass. It can't be shown as far as how it ends up, but her character can have a better exit.
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