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and it's funny that you mentioned it yesterday since it was National Taco Day in here
Wow, you're kidding. Holy crap. We have equally silly holidays. I think Monday was like national sunglasses day or something. That's an interesting taco. I didn't know radishes were ever part of the deal.

I wish you all could be here so I could take you to this amazing taco stand close to my house ...although maybe you have those in NY too, don't you?
Well, aren't you lucky. Um ... there are a few in NYC, yes. I sent you a pic of that red truck once, remember? lol Cause I couldn't believe it myself. There's actually a "gourmet" taco stand by Madison Square Park now. But mainly it's just hot dogs, ice cream, and Pakistani food. Then every once in a while, something real unexpected like a creative falafel truck, schnitzel (German pork chops), cupcakes, and omg, "waffles and dinges", which is like Belgian waffles with all the fixings. That's new.
people could send stuff all through July, duh!
May have to PM people too.
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