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Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
Oh lord ... before you think I'm marrying a meal that doesn't deserve me, I am SO (so so so) not talking about Taco Bell. Actually haven't ordered from there in about 12 yrs, lol. Their food just looks dangerous. No, this is Tex Mex. And making your own tacos is like making your own pizza. Just not the same to me.
Taco Bell is dangerous but I love it. Same with Jack in the Box. Just to be honest, I haven't ate there in years.

Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
Um, I seem to have spent my 4th of July on this year.
I was planning on doing the same but ended up spending the day with a good friend.

Did you hear about how the annual fireworks show in San Diego went off all at the same time by accident? What was supposed to be a 18 minute show became only 15 seconds.
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