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Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
Today I'd like to talk about ... tacos. Why do they get such a bad rap? They're essentially lettuce, tomato, maybe some avocado, maybe some beans, and cheese. What's not healthy about that?
I love tacos as long as it's big, fat, and it tastes good. But one problem that I usually find with tacos is that they're usually too small whenever I buy them from fast food restaurants like Taco Bell. Prices goes up but the taco gets smaller. The last time I went to Taco Bell, I want to tell the cashier upfront that I want the the taco in the same size as the one in poster. One alternative is for me to make my own tacos. Even though I get the size that I prefer, it never tastes as good as the ones I buy at restaurants.

Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
I just walked back home from a grueling day and I think this can of Pepsi (which I rarely drink) and taco are saving my life. I want to marry this taco.
You have my blessing.

Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
How was your day? lol
Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had to wake up even earlier at 5am to be at work at 7am for a special training session. But since I was in training, I didn't have to answer any phone calls for most of the day. And since I started work early, I got to leave earlier.

How was your 4th of July? Did you see any fireworks?
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