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Originally Posted by JenMixelle (View Post)
It's a sad moment (for various reasons), but I always liked the fact that no matter what, they were not only there for each other, but they were one another's first choice when they needed comfort. I do think that went on for their entire lives, in moments we've seen, those we haven't seen in the show and those that happened post-finale. In that regard, I do appreciate the finale's "You and me, always." as well as S3's "we'll always be Dawson and Joey". That kind of connection is why I fell in love with them.
^^ Me too Jen

Originally Posted by dcluv (View Post)
Let's stop the finale right there and do a rewrite. Joey goes into his house. They tell Gale. Then they go up to Dawson's room and hold eachother on his bed and talk about it more. Then Joey tells Dawson about Chris and how she doesn't want to marry him. Joey tells Dawson she just wants to fall asleep in his arms and then she does. Cue happy ending music
^^ I like that rewrite a lot Kimberly it's perfect.

Originally Posted by Madison (View Post)
Thanks for highlighting that sweet scene, Lucas! At least it had a few positive DJ moments.
Your welcome Madison the finale did have it's moments like the wedding dance I like that scene too.

After wedding dance

you Know Joey wrote that story in season five about the Coda kiss that ultimately got published and in the end she became an editor so if you think about it not only do these two really know each other ("you ramble when you're nervous") they are also perfect together cuz I think Joey could have written the movie stories/screenplays and Dawson as a director could have made the movies..... they would make a great team.
Dawson & Joey ~ Kevin & Winnie

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