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22 Movie Nights (D/Jo)- Because all she could think about was the fact that he had held her hand.

by Beatriz

21 Movie Nights for Dawson & Joey

by JenMixelle

This is the story of two soulmates, two best friends from childhood that had to strugle very hard to find their way in each other's lifes once romance entered their world. Ill crossed fate lovers, their destiny didn't seem to be the one they expected to. But there is always hope...

.: best scenes :.

Here is the first time we ever layed eyes on Dawson and Joey:

*Dawson's room at night. Joey and Dawson lay face down on his bed watching ET.*
Joey: *imitating E.T.* I'll be right here. I love this movie. This won the Oscar didn't it?
*Dawson turns off the movie and switches it to the local news, which his mom co-anchors for.*
Dawson: Ghandi. Spielberg was robbed. This was before he outgrew his Peter Pan syndrome.
Joey: But Ghandi? I mean why give an Oscar to a movie you can't even sit through?
Dawson: Thank you.
*Joey watches the TV as she gets up to put on her shoes.*
Joey: New do?
Dawson: Yeah. She likes big hair.
Joey: Must weigh a lot. How does she walk upright?
*Dawson laughs then notices Joey putting on her shoes.*
Dawson: Where are you going?
Joey: Home.
Dawson: Spend the night.
Joey: I can't.
Dawson: Come on you always spend the night.
Joey: Not tonight.
Dawson: Why not?
Joey: I just don't think it's a good idea for me to sleep over anymore, you know?
*Dawson sits up and puts the remote control on his desk.*
Dawson: No, I don't know. C'mon, You've been sleeping over since you were seven. It's Saturday night.
Joey: Things change Dawson. Evolve.
Dawson: What are you talking about?
Joey: Sleeping in the same bed was fine when we were kids, but we're fifteen now.
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: We start high school Monday?
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: And I have breasts!
Dawson: What?!
Joey: And you have genitalia!
Dawson: I've always had genitalia.
Joey: But there's more of it.
*Dawson is embarrassed.*
Dawson: How do you know?
Joey: Long fingers. I gotta go.
Dawson: Whoa Jo, don't hit and run. C'mon, explain yourself.
Joey: I just think our emerging hormones are destined to alter our relationship and I'm trying to limit the fallout.
*Dawson gets up off the bed with his arms crossed, smiling.*Dawson: Your emerging hormones aren't developing a thang for me, are they?
Joey: A thang? No, I'm not getting a thang for you Dawson. I've known you too long. I've seen you burp, barf, pick your nose, scratch your butt. I don't think I'm getting a thang for you.
Dawson: So what's the problem?
Joey: We're changing and we have to adjust or else the male/female thing will get in the way.
*Dawson sits back down on the bed.*
Dawson: What's with this When Harry met 80's crap. It doesn't apply to us, we transcend it.
Joey: And how do we do that?
Dawson: By going to sleep. I'm tired.
Joey: That's avoidance.
Dawson: No, it's proof. Proof that we can still remain friends, despite any mounting sexual theoretics.
Joey: I don't think it works that way Dawson.
Dawson: Come on, don't get female on me Joey. I don't want to have to start calling you Josephine.
Joey: Josephine this!
*She leaps onto the bed and attacks him with punches. They tickle and punch each other until Dawson has the upper hand.*
Joey: Okay, I give. I give.
Dawson: We're friends okay? No matter how much body hair we acquire? Deal?
Joey: Deal.
Dawson: All right. And we don't ever talk about this again, deal?
Joey: You got it.
Dawson: Okay, cool.
Joey: Cool.
*Dawson and Joey each climb under the covers.*
Dawson: Goodnight Joey.
Joey: Goodnight Dawson.
*Dawson stares up at the ceiling*
Dawson: Why'd you have to bring this up anyway?

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Brighter Than Sunshine

.: fanart of the moment :.

by Beatriz

by *Nora*

by Cris

by Pure.Magic
Dawson & Joey ~ Kevin & Winnie
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