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Oh don`t get me started on how TPTB tried to destroy Naomily in S4. I hated seeing them being apart for much of the season, but all that waiting paid off in the end with their big reunion. In fact just watch this classic scene.

That is such a perfect scene. You know that you really love someone when you tell them that you love them so much it`s killing you. Lily was absolutely amazing in it. Seriously why can`t i get to see a speech like that with my favorite slash/femslash ships like Stefan/Klaus, Emma/Regina and Faye/Diana?

Also i want to see more of Bolivia/Lincoln. Those two are so great together. I`m glad that Lincoln decided to stay in the AU just for her.

Lastly i`ll be sure to go to the link to see the Fringe icons/avatars you`ve made. I hope that you`ve made a few of Bolivia. You know that i love me some Bolivia.
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