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I`m also happy that Fringe is getting a fifth and final season. I can`t wait to see how things will end on that show. Of course i need to catch up on the last few episodes. BTW i hope that we`ll get more of Bolivia in S5.

Maybe it`s just me, but i can`t get enough of her. Bolivia is like the AU goddess. Plus i must add that Anna Torv really looks very hot wearing that wig. However i wish that the wardrobe department would`ve given her a pair of leather pants to wear in the Bolivia scenes.

Also i`m sad to see Skins will be having only one more series. I got into it over a show ago and it is one of those shows that you get addicted to immediately. My favorite seasons are S1 and S3. I hope that the show will go out on a great note in S7. Of course i have two words that would help take S7 to a higher level, Naomily wedding!

Lastly i don`t see what all the fuss is about Mad Men. I caught a couple of episodes recently and i was like meh about the show.
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