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Important Message, Board will be closing April 15th This is goodbye!

It is with a heavy heart that I post this announcement. I have been a fan of Hayden's for a long time and when I got chance to mod this board I was thrilled. It had been slow but I thought things would pick up. Unfortunately for quite a while now it has just been me and my co-mod Sheiva posting here and that isn't fun. It has been coming more of an obligation rather than a fun posting experience with many fans. We feel that as the board just isn't getting the traffic we need to stay open, it's painful to say and the decision wasn't made lightly, we feel it is best to close the board on our terms then be forced to close through lack of posts.

Sheiva and myself want to thank everyone who has been a part of making Hayden's board a fun experience in the time he has had a board here at

The board will be closed a week from today so 15th April will be the day.

Your moderators,

Emma and Sheiva
ll Emma ll
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