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yeah hes got an official one, 13820 fans!

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James Van Der Beek
I've always said that if Lucille Ball and Sid Vicious had a love child, it'd be Krysten Ritter. Check her out in the first the first poster art for my new show, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.23" (yes, that's really the title
Starts airing April 11 at 9:30pm, after one of the best shows on TV, "Modern Family". More to come!

James Van Der Beek
Not sure what's in the air lately, but I see a lot of people going on angry, righteous rants... As intoxicating as a rant might feel while you're spewing, keep in mind that once the buzz wears off you'll find that the people whose minds you most wanted to change have stopped listening to you. And dug in even deeper.
Going on a rant is easy. Finding common ground is hard... but worth it, no?
"Love, listen, learn, don't judge. And don't be a ****ing hypocrite."
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