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Wow I even went on IMDB Pro under title under annie and Lisa Edelstein to see if it was posted , wasn't there. Was youre's a google search . My last info was from awesome annie web page and obviously older news

found it under what you said the name change was Blue Eyed Butcher ,but of course Lisa name came up . She is more famous then Annie . 7 Seasons as co star of House gives you name .

Lifetime's new TV movie, "Blue-Eyed Butcher."

Edelstein will play Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler in the new film based on the true story of a young wife and mother who kills her husband in their Houston home. Sara Paxton and Justin Bruening also star.

On the legal drama, Edelstein plays attorney Celeste Serrano, Will's (Josh Charles) ex.

Lifetime "Blue-Eyed Butcher," which premieres Wed., March 3 at 8 p.m. EST:

reading the main role of Sara is 20 something mother Sara Paxton fits that role .

edited out the description since it was already posted above
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