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Yeah, I've been wondering. Does Tate even know his father is dead and is in the house with him? I mean, he tells Ben what he thinks happened to his father - that he up and left their family after discovering Constance cheating on him. But we know what really happened. Obviously, that's probably the lie Constance told him - that his father left. But was Tate just bull****ting again - basically lying about what happened to his father, even after he had already discovered the truth? Or does he really still think that's what happened? And Tate tells Ben that Constance used to cheat on her husband with "the guy next door", who we know now can't be Larry, since she got involved with him long after Hugo died. So was Tate telling tales or was that true and she cheated on Hugo?

You'd think he'd figure out his dad is in the house at some point. I mean, when he was alive, his dad probably didn't show himself, but after Tate died, you'd think he'd find out. I guess Hugo could just make himself scarce.

I got the impression that Hugo wasn't a good father. Constance implies that he used to abuse her. I mean, just because he was abusing her doesn't mean he also abused his kids, but I guess I just thought he seemed like one of those people who was more interested in cheating on his wife than he was in parenting. But we don't have any proof of that, so that might just be me.

Moira must know Hugo's in the house, though, so would she tell Tate the truth?

Speaking of Moira, I'm wondering about her relationship with Tate. I mean, she probably knew him when he was a kid, because she was the maid when he was six, and she was probably the maid for the Harveys too, so she probably saw him around when he moved back in with Constance in 1994. And she helped him cover up the murders of Chad and Patrick. But she always speaks poorly of him when he's not around. She calls him a "little psycho" and she thinks Violet's taste in men is "hardly refined" because she was dating him. It's interesting.
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