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I don't know where I read it but I read that season 2 might be on a college campus in Boston. That would be very interesting because when I was in college everyone there heard some kind or rumour or urban legend. Some of the seniors even told the freshmen that the burgers are made out of cat meat.

A lake would be cool too but I was very disappointed by "Bag of Bones". Maybe the lake's name is Crystal Lake? We meet a young Mrs Voorhees and little Jason.

Why wasn't there a scene between Tate and his dad?

Did Constance move a way from Murder House?

Would Tate care to know his son?

Would Violet ever forgive Tate?

Was Thaddeus an old Frankeinstein Monster or just another ghost? It was implied that he ate, right? So he must have been alive.

Does Dr Montgomery remind anyone else of Mr C Montomery Burns?
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