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Annie Wersching Renee Walker #8 :From straight edge FBi agent to rogue field op mixture of anger,vulnerability,angst

The Official Annie Wersching /Renee Walker
Appreciation Thread #8

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Her 24 Bio As Renee Walker for Day 8

Day 8

At approximately 7:27pm, Renee was brought into CTU as a result of her experience undercover with a Russian mob ring run by Vladimir Laitanan, who had ties to a highly secretive gang called Red Square. Red Square was connected to the earlier attempt on President Omar Hassan's life and the selling of weapons grade uranium to his brother Farhad Hassan. As was being brought in, Chloe O'Brian aske her about her work with a security firm; she then mentioned that she no longer works for the firm. She eventually met CTU Director Brian Hastings who asked to go back undercover with the Russians. Jack Bauer, after learning of her undercover work, decided to go in to speak with her. He questioned her emotional state, noticing scars on her wrist indicating a suicide attempt. Jack convinced Hastings to let him go undercover with Renee. Renee was not happy with having a "babysitter".
After the two arrived at a Russian contact's business, Renee proceeded to cut off her contact's thumb with a power saw, after seducing him into putting his hand into a vice with the promise of taking off his parole bracelet. Despite Jack's protests she remained undercover; she then convinced her contact to take her to Vladimir Laitanan, the leader of the FBI's target group. After they arrive, Vladimir asked her several specific questions to verify her sincerity. With Jack's help (through a com channel) she answered the questions, but Vladimir was not satisfied and prepared to execute her. Renee never admitted her true identity and Vladimir relented, telling her that they could finally talk about her proposed deal.

Renee accidentally stabs Jack
When Jack got there he told Renee he was pulling her out, despite her assurance that she was fine, but Vladimir interrupted them. Vladimir started to make calls concerning the nuclear rods, but told Jack to leave the room, leaving him and Renee alone. When he got to the last contact, Renee kept pushing him to try again, finally blurting out that she didn't come here for him. In anger, Vladimir hit her twice, knocking her down. Renee grabbed a bread knife that had fallen to the floor and stabbed him in his eye. He shouted, which alerted Jack. Renee continued to stab him after he fell to the ground. Jack pulled her away from Vlad but she, not realizing who it was, turned around and plunged the knife into Jack's stomach. Renee looked on, horrified, as he keeled over to the floor. Lugo Elson came in and prepared to shoot Renee after seeing Vlad's mutilated body, but before he could do so Jack pulled the knife from his stomach and threw it directly into Lugo's throat, killing him.
Jack called CTU who were on their way to the scene. Renee said that Jack had been right and she could not handle it. As she began to cry she said that all she wanted was her life back, and that she had no-one. He told her that she still had him. They heard cars arriving and believed it to be CTU, but it turned out to be a group of Russians, whom Jack deduced were sent by one of Vladimir's contacts to kill him for knowing about the rods. Jack had Renee hide and explain the situation to CTU when they arrived, telling them to track him. She did so and Jack gave himself up to the Russians, saying he just wanted to do business. They took him, and CTU arrived immediately afterward. Renee explained what had happened but Chloe said that they had seen no vehicles leave the compound, and could not trace Jack. Renee was horrified and worried for Jack's life. CTU later learned that the Russians had escaped underground, leaving Jack on his own.

Renee is interviewed
Back at CTU, Renee gave a brief statement to Chloe, which contained some lies to protect herself as advised by Jack Bauer. Meanwhile, Brian Hastings was pressured by Rob Weiss to permit Kristen Smith (from the Justice department) to set up Renee for the fall, insinuating that she had murdered Vlad in cold blood. Jack found out and forced his way inside, throttling Kristen and beating a guard to defend Renee. Jack was subdued, but he later cut a deal with Hastings: Jack took the lead in retrieving the rods, and Hastings dropped the charges against Renee. Renee later called Jack, and they both admitted that they wanted to be with each other. Jack had someone take Renee to his New York apartment, where he planned to meet her when the terrorist crisis was over.

Renee arrives and shoots Jack's attackers
After CTU was taken out by an EMP bomb, Chloe called Renee to say Jack was missing. She told Chloe to "do what you have to" to get CTU back online. She left to find Jack at the docks area. Just as one of the snipers lined up to kill Jack, she took him out with a shot to the head. Seconds later, she killed the remaining sniper, saving Jack and Cole Ortiz.
Renee went with Jack to escort President Omar Hassan from the United Nations to Fort McGuire Air Force Base, and helped Jack and Hassan fight off mercenaries sent by General David Brucker to acquire Hassan and deliver him to the terrorists. When Hassan gave himself up, Jack asked Renee to take Dalia Hassan and Kayla Hassan to the base. When Renee arrived, President Allison Taylor said she hadn't expected to see her again after the way she left the FBI two years earlier, but that she was happy to have her on board because she needed people she can trust.
Renee went with Jack to save President Hassan when they got his location from Dana Walsh, and was present when Jack found Hassan dead. After Hassan's death, Renee briefly took note of a man with the EMTs but failed to recall where she knew him from. She went to Jack's apartment where she told him that she would not hold him to his promises to her, but he embraced and kissed her. They made love until shortly before 9am. Out of curiosity she answered Jack's phone when Chloe called, and began to realize that the EMT she saw was the person likely to have poisoned Mehran. Before acting on her suspicion, she was shot by the very same man. Outmaneuvering the shooter, Jack frantically carried her to a waiting taxi and drove to the hospital where she succumbed to her wounds due to blood loss and arterial damage. As a final act to his fallen lover, Jack gave her a soft kiss, weeping.
source: wiki24
More on Renee Bio Here: Renee Walker

Made By:Vicky

Made By: Vicky

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, American actress Annie Wersching is popularly known as TV producer Amelia Joffe in the soap drama General Hospital. Annie began performing at an early age, playing the part of a Jellicle cat in her fourth grade. Since then and up until her days in Chicago, she spent her years appearing on stage.

Wersching has traveled the country performing in theatre festivals and venues such as Victory Gardens, Marriott Lincolnshire, Utah Shakespearean Festival. In 2002, Annie transitioned from the world of theatre acting into being an on-camera talent. She made guest appearances in popular TV series such as Cold Case, Frasier, Supernatural, Charmed, Journeyman, and Boston Legal.

In February 2007, Annie started working on ABC's daytime soap General Hospital. In Fall that same year, she left the show after she was cast as a series regular in the 7th season of the highly-rated FOX action drama 24.

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