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How many can you have in one day - Your YA link of the day thread #3

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Originally Posted by RedRockSedona
That said I was on IMDb on his listed and decide to look up what happening with Charlie so I hopping back via Ian's Young American listing then instead of clicking on Hunnam/Ryder I accidentally hit Gabrielle Christian
Boy was I surprised!!! She gotten cuter and prettier and yes busier since her Young Americans days as Grace
Wow, she looks so grown up and beautiful! It's so great to see a picture of her again. Thanks for posting, Dori!

About the Ian remark, it's been a while since he said that and I thought that the discussion about whether Ian was homophobic or not had died down. I guess I was wrong. *sighs* Well, he has said a lot of times that people understood his comment wrong and that he's not homophobic at all.
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