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That's a pretty good question, actually. That scene happened in 1978, so let's see.

My guess is that the Langdons lived in the neighborhood at the time, and Addie was out wandering around. Constance doesn't seem like the type to keep a close eye on her kids. I don't know how Addie would be aware of the fact that people had died in there, unless she had already been seeing ghosts on the property, and somehow knew, instinctively, that they were specters and that there was something seriously evil lurking in the building (little kids always seem to be aware of things adults aren't in movies and television), or unless the Langdons had been living in the neighborhood for a long enough time to know about all the deaths that had happened in the house, and she had heard about them. They're living in the house five years later, in 1983. I think the Langdons probably didn't care that people had died in there. I don't think Constance even knew ghosts existed before moving into the house, so I doubt it mattered to her. She said the house "made her a believer".

But we're never actually given an answer to this in the show, so this is all conjecture.

This show has other plot holes, too (not major ones, just little ones that really bug me). I'm kind of hoping that when the DVDs are released they come with deleted scenes. Maybe some of them will answer our questions.

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