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Here we go! The big episode 100. As always, please credit me if this gets posted anywhere else.

The Recombination Hypothesis


Leonard and Sheldon are walking up the stairs. Leonard asks Sheldon how about they try something different for dinner tonight, maybe Thai or Tex-Mex. Sheldon asks Leonard if he’s ever thought about how humans would be different if they’d evolved from lizards instead of mammals. Leonard says fine, they can talk about that instead.

Next floor. Sheldon says that, as Leonard knows, lizards are cold blooded, and can’t feel changes in temperature, but they do get sluggish when it’s cold. So the lizard weatherman would say, “grab a sweater, it’s slow out there!”

At the start of one take (not sure which “floor”), as they were coming up the stairs Johnny got distracted looking up, and then there was a loud sound - one of the boom mikes was too low or hit the set or something? But that made Johnny laugh.

Next floor (fourth floor). Sheldon says he likes his mind, it tells him interesting things like that. Walking up to their door, Sheldon gets excited that his life-sized Spock cutout has arrived, but Leonard’s distracted looking in Penny’s open apartment door - Penny’s inside with Amy and Bernadette, and they’re packaging something up into a box. Leonard smiles at Penny, and she smiles back.

Meanwhile, Sheldon’s still excited about his Spock. He says that Spock wouldn’t approve of this sudden show of emotion, but, “oh goody, oh goody, oh goody!” (and Sheldon does a little excited dance). Leonard walks towards Penny’s apartment while Sheldon mimics Spock “requesting permission to be unfolded,” and Sheldon says permission granted.

Inside Penny’s, Amy’s finishing up, “And that’s why more intelligent monkeys fling more feces.” Leonard apologizes for interrupting, and asks Penny if she has plans for dinner. She asks why, “are you guys going somewhere?” Leonard says he was thinking just the two of them. Penny asks, like a date? Leonard says, “No, not like a date. A date.” Bernadette and Amy (and the audience!) went “wooOOOooo!” Penny says, uh, yeah, sure. And Bernadette and Amy wooo’d again.

Back in the hallway, Sheldon has unfolded Spock, and they sent him the wrong one. “Zachary Quinto, live long and suck it!”


Penny’s bedroom. Bernadette and Amy are sitting on Penny’s bed (Penny’s in the bathroom). Bernadette says she hopes things work out with Penny and Leonard, then she and Howard can go on double dates with them. Amy asks why don’t they ever ask her and Sheldon to go on double dates. Bernadette hedges, then asks Penny how it’s going in there. Penny says give her a second, then she comes out in a tight, revealing, green dress. She asks if it’s too much, Bernadette says yes, while Amy says no. Penny decides it is, and goes back in the bathroom. Amy tells Bernadette something like “you just can’t handle her raw sexuality.”

Bernadette asks Penny how long it’s been since she and Leonard broke up. Penny says about two years. Bernadette asks if she knows why Leonard asked her out now. Penny doesn’t. Amy says maybe he’s dying, then tells Bernadette that’d be romantic. Penny says he’s not dying. Amy says too bad, if he was Penny could push him back on the bed and ride him until he flat-lined.

Penny comes out in a different outfit, a loose, dark dress, with a long vest over it, and asks what they think. Bernadette says maybe, while Amy says “oh, come on!” Penny goes back to change again. Bernadette asks Penny if she thinks she and Leonard will sleep together tonight. Penny says definitely not, they’re just having dinner, and they’ll see where things go from there. Amy asks if she’d sleep with him if he was dying. Penny repeats he’s not dying. Amy asks how she knows, is she a doctor? Bernadette says they could always pretend - she and Howard sometimes pretend that his arrhythmia is acting up, and she’s his cardiologist, and the naughty part is she’s not on his HMO plan.

Penny comes back out in her regular clothes and says she’s just not going to make a big deal about it, it’s just dinner. Amy says it could be his last dinner, and then claws like a cat with a growl. Penny asks why she’s so nervous about this. Bernadette tells her that Leonard’s been crazy about her forever, she’s sure things will be great. Penny says that they’ve just reached the point where they can hang out and not feel awkward, and if things go bad tonight, where will they be?

Amy says then she and Sheldon will be the only ones left to double date with Bernadette and Howard. Bernadette smiles and tells her they’d love that, then stands and leads Penny back to the bathroom, telling her to change her clothes, there’s a lot riding on this.


Guy’s apartment - Sheldon, Howard, and Raj playing a game at the coffee table. Sheldon says he wants to build a bridge, but doesn’t have any wood, then asks the others if they have wood. They laugh. Sheldon asks why the laughter, the goal of the game is the build bridges and settlements, and to do so you need wood. Sheldon doesn’t have wood, only sheep, “do either of you have wood for my sheep?” They laugh again.

Leonard enters from the hallway and asks how he looks (he’s dressed all nicely). Howard says, skipping to the more important question, why are you doing this? Leonard asks what he means. Raj reminds him of what Penny did before, and says it took two years “and defiling my sister” for Leonard to get over it. Leonard says he didn’t defile Raj’s sister. Raj says he heard him call her “brown sugar,” and that’s defilement in his book.

Sheldon asks if Leonard would like to hear his opinion. Leonard excitedly says, oh boy, do I! Sheldon asks Howard if that’s sarcasm. Howard, dripping with sarcasm, says no. Sheldon says okay then, then tells Leonard that the reason he is attracted to Penny is because she’s the opposite of his first romantic attraction, his mother. Leonard asks where Sheldon got that from. Sheldon says Leonard’s mom’s newest book, “Needy Baby, Greedy Baby.” Leonard says that doesn’t make it true. Sheldon says it’s called non-fiction for a reason.

Leonard leaves and says he’ll see them later. Sheldon returns his focus to the game, and asks again if they have wood. They still laugh, and Sheldon says he doesn’t understand, he needs wood, and wants to know if they have wood they can give him, why are they making this so hard?


Leonard and Penny at a restaurant. They’re looking at their menus, and look up and both laugh a little. Leonard asks if there’s a name for a first date with someone you used to be in a relationship with. Penny says she doesn’t know, maybe awkward? Leonard says that fits. Then he suggests that they pretend that they’re really on a first date, and Penny says sure.

Leonard says, so, Peggy, tell me about yourself. Penny corrects him on her name, and he apologizes, “awkward!” Penny says that she’s from Nebraska, and ever since she was a little girl she wanted to move to LA and be a movie star. Now, after four years of acting lessons, and four years of waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory, she’s been in a hemorrhoid commercial, and a production of Anne Frank above a bowling alley… so dreams really do come true!

She tells Leonard it’s his turn. He tells her he’s an experimental physicist at Cal Tech, and a lot of his work involves working with lasers… And he just got a big grant from the government to test whether or not lasers can knock missiles out of the sky. Penny’s impressed, and asks if they can. Leonard says god no… but the money’s good. And he used the new equipment to build his own Bat-Signal.

Penny asks, Bat-Signal, are you some kind of nerd? Leonard says he’s not some kind of nerd, he’s king of the nerds. Penny asks what that means. Leonard says when someone displeases him, he can have their email inbox filled with spam. On the second take, he said when someone displeases him, he won’t help them set up their printer. Penny laughs and says he’s funny. He tells her to remember that later when he takes off his shirt.

Penny smiles and says she’s glad they’re doing this. Leonard says him too. They take a drink of their wine, then Leonard more seriously asks what she thinks, are they getting back together? Penny tenses and says he’s moving fast. Leonard asks what he said wrong. Penny says that he knows that she will always have feelings for him… Leonard cuts her off and says oh, that’s great. Penny asks what, and he says “you said always, ‘I will always have feelings for you.’” That sounds like something you’d say when you don’t want to continue the relationship. “I’m sorry this didn’t work out, but I will always have feelings for you.” “I’m sorry I slept with your best friend, but I will always have feelings for you.” “Look, Tina, I’m into guys now, but I will always have feelings for you.”

She asks him how he’d said it. Leonard says “I have feelings for you.” Penny asks how that’s better. Leonard says that always makes it worse. Penny tells him he’s over thinking things. Leonard says he’s not. Penny says yes, he always over thinks things. Leonard says there, always, that makes it worse. Penny says this is where things go wrong with them, when they talk. Leonard says you can’t have a relationship if you don’t talk. Penny says she went out with this guy TJ for 8 months and they never talked, she still doesn’t know what TJ stands for.

Leonard says fine then, no more talking. They go back to looking at their menus, then Leonard says that TJ usually stands for something like Tom Junior. Or Ted, or Tim, or Tommy… Penny glares, and he gets quiet again, but then adds, or Tyrone.

On the second take, for the ending, after Penny saying she still doesn’t know what TJ stands for, Leonard said, “What did you do for 8 months if you didn’t - never mind, stupid question.”


Back to the guys’ apartment, where Sheldon, Howard, and Raj are still playing. Sheldon says that now that he has his wood, he can begin the erection of his settlement. Raj says to Howard that Sheldon has to be doing this on purpose. Leonard enters the apartment, Howard looks at this watch and notes that it’s 8:30, then asks if Leonard and Penny painted the town beige. Leonard says “you live with your mom and you’re 30,” then walked back to his room.

Raj says he guesses the date didn’t do well then. Sheldon says they can’t know that for sure, all they can know is Leonard is home. From off-screen, Leonard gives a loud frustrated yell. Howard asks what about now. Sheldon says they still can’t know, for all they know Leonard is being murdered. After a couple takes, the director was giving Johnny some kind of note on the yell before they did it again, and then as they got ready Jim said to Johnny “just have fun with it.” And on that take the yell lasted longer than the others, and was somehow funnier, and Kunal laughed a little bit, which made the audience laugh even more. I guess that confused Jim, cause Simon finally said, “they’re laughing because he’s [Kunal’s] laughing.”

Back to the game, Sheldon asks where they were, and Raj says he was right in the middle of an erection. Sheldon says, oh, right!, “I have it in my hand,” and sets down a game piece as the others laugh again.


Leonard’s asleep in bed when his phone goes off. He looks at it and asks out loud what she wants now. Cut to him answering the door, where Penny’s waiting. She tells him, “do not over think this,” and kisses him, then leads him back towards her apartment. He starts to speak a couple times, confused, but she keeps cutting him off, and says no talking. He asks, “Even during? because sometimes I have questions.”


Leonard and Penny sprawled out on Penny’s bed. Penny says that was fun. Leonard says yeah, except for his foot cramp. Penny says that he pushed right through it. Leonard says, well, there was a lot at stake. Penny asks what he wants to do know. Leonard says he’d like to go get his asthma inhaler, but he’s worried that would kill the mood.

Leonard then turns on his side and asks her to help him out with something, how did a bad date turn into sex? Penny says it’s complicated. Leonard says that he’s a smart guy, and right now his brain has dibs on his blood supply, so try him. Penny says that at the restaurant, when he said he wanted to be with her, it got too real too fast, and she got scared. He asks why, what’s she afraid of? Penny asks what if they get back together, then she does something stupid again and dumps him? Leonard says or he could dump her. Penny tells him to be serious.

He suggests that they don’t think of this like a relationship, but rather a new software, Penny and Leonard 2.0. They’ll test it internally, shake out all the bugs, and when they both decide it’s solid, roll it out to the public. Penny asks, so we won’t tell our friends we’re back together? Leonard says yeah, they’ll just pretend the date went badly. Penny says there’s no need to pretend. Leonard says they’ll let them believe that they’ve decided to just remain friends, and everything’s cool. Penny smiles and says that sounds good.

Then she turns suddenly and says she almost forgot, she still has one of his old inhalers, and pulls it from a drawer. Leonard asks, you didn’t throw it away? Penny says no, she thought about it, but just couldn’t for some reason. Leonard says that’s so sweet, uses it, then says “in 25 to 30 minutes I’m going to show you just how much this means to me.”


Leonard’s sneaking back into his apartment later that night, but Sheldon, who was just exiting the bathroom, spots him. Sheldon walks to the living room and turns on the lights. Leonard asks how he’s doing. Sheldon says he can’t complain, and thanks Leonard for asking, then asks what he’s going out at 3 in the morning. Leonard asks Sheldon what he’s doing up at 3 in the morning.

Sheldon says he was using the bathroom. Leonard says him too. Sheldon says, “Really? I didn’t see you in there?” Leonard says when he saw that Sheldon was in the bathroom, he left to use a different one. Sheldon asks which one. Leonard says the one at the gas station across the street. “In your pajamas?” “Yes.” “Without shoes?” “Yes.” “On a cold winter night?” “Yes.” Sheldon says that sounds highly unlikely, then asks if Leonard brought his inhaler. Leonard says yes, he did!, and pulls it out to show Sheldon. Sheldon says okay, that’s more plausible.

Leonard tries to go down the hall, but Sheldon stops him, and asks if he bought anything. Leonard asks, what? Sheldon says it’s customary when using the facilities of a store to purchase something. Sheldon gets two dollars from his desk, and hands it to Leonard, telling him to go buy some beef jerky. Leonard says he doesn’t want beef jerky. Sheldon says it’s not about him, it’s about the immigrant trying to make it in America working the graveyard shift at the Colorado Blvd. Chevron station. Leonard says fine, and heads towards the door. Sheldon mutters, “Needy Baby, Greedy Baby, indeed.”


Cheesecake Factory. Howard, Bernadette, Raj, and Amy are at a table. Sheldon comes up to join them, and says Leonard will be along soon, he’s finding a new parking space. Howard asks why. Sheldon says they were parked to a car with a bumper sticker that says “ask me about my grandchildren,” and he was afraid if he ran into them when they left he’d be obligated to ask.

Bernadette says it’s too bad things didn’t work out between Leonard and Penny. Amy agrees, then tells Sheldon they shouldn’t flaunt their relationship in front of them. On the first couple of takes Sheldon just nodded in agreement, but on the last take he said something to Amy about her keen understanding of the human heart.

Leonard comes up, and says he’s parked next to some car with a name-I-forgot bumper sticker. Sheldon says that’s good, they won’t want to talk about that. Howard tells Leonard he’s kind of surprised to see him there, after how bad things went with Penny. Leonard says they’re adults, they can stay friends. Bernadette says she doesn’t think she could stay friends with Howard if they broke up. Howard asks why. Bernadette says that she’s a very vengeful person. Howard asks, really? Bernadette nods, and adds that she has access to militarized smallpox.

Penny comes up to start them off with water, and asks if they need menus, or if they know what they want. Howard says, “Leonard knows what he wants, but he’s not getting it from you.” Bernadette scolds him. Penny says no, it’s fine, some things just don’t work out. Leonard says yeah, but they will always have feelings for each other. Bernadette says aw, that’s nice.

Leonard looks up at Penny, and says see, she knows what it means. Penny says he’s just like a dog with a bone. Leonard says he was just making a point. Penny says the point is he doesn’t know when the drop things. Leonard asks what, like when we were dating, and you just dropped me? (Leonard’s last line there was cut on the second take.)

Sheldon interrupts them, and says before they both say something they’ll regret, he’d like to place his order. Penny tells Leonard that this is why they can never be together, he always has to be right. Sheldon says that’s not true, Leonard is wrong more than anyone else he knows. Penny says she just remembered it’s her break, and she’ll get someone else to help them, and walks off. Sheldon tells Leonard that when their next waitress gets there, don’t start a long on-again, off-again relationship with her, because he is hungry.


Leonard in bed, again woken up by his phone (pre-taped). Then cut to (live), Leonard answering his door to Penny, who’s asking him why he was such a big jerk at the restaurant. Leonard says he was just acting like they weren’t together, that was the plan, right? Penny says the plan was to pretend they’re just friends, but that’s hard to do when he’s ALWAYS acting like a huge jerk bag. Leonard says he doesn’t have to stand there and take that, then walks across the hall to her apartment. Penny asks where he’s going. He asks, isn’t this kinda their thing now, sleep together after fighting? Penny says yeah, sure, then follows him.


Leonard and Penny kissing in Penny’s bed. Leonard stops and asks what they’re doing. Penny asks what he means. Leonard says that no matter how he imagines it, things don’t end well for them. Penny tells him he’s over thinking things again. Then Sheldon’s voice cuts in, “Leonard, are you listening to me?”

Then that cuts to Leonard and Sheldon back in the hallway, like in the first scene, Leonard still looking over at Penny in her apartment, Sheldon complaining about the disaster with Spock - he clearly ordered the Leonard Nemoy, but they sent him Zachary Quinto, “How am I supposed to feel safer with him at the foot of my bed?” Leonard says that he was pretty badass in Heroes. Sheldon says that’s true, and he’ll give Quinto a try.

Leonard excuses himself, and goes to Penny’s door, asking her if she has plans for dinner. Penny asks “are you guys going somewhere?” and Leonard says no, just the two of them. Bernadette and Amy do their woooo. Penny asks Leonard if he’s thought this through. Leonard says yes, he has, and he still thinks they should go anyway. Penny says, uh, yeah, sure. Out in the hallway, Sheldon decides that he’s sending Quinto back.


Penny’s in her bedroom, with Amy and Bernadette. Amy says she hopes things go well with Penny and Leonard, then they could double date with her and Sheldon. Bernadette asks Amy why she doesn’t ask her and Howard on double dates. Amy says something like that’d be nice, but then comments to Penny that Bernadette’s needy.

Bernadette asks Penny what restaurant they’re going to for dinner, but Penny’s lost in her own thoughts - cut to Penny and Leonard at a church, white gown and tux, a minister asking Penny if she’d like to marry Leonard. Penny turns towards Leonard so we see her from the side (at first we just saw their backs), and she’s very visibly pregnant, and says it’s a little late to start saying no now!

Cut back to the girls in Penny’s room, and they ask Penny what she’s thinking about. Penny says she just remembered that she needs to pick something up at the drug store.

A few other small things:

- Before the episode started, instead of showing us an unaired episode, they showed us the Pilot. Which was fun, but strangely it was the syndicated version, missing the sperm bank scene and one other small part. But anyway, I thought Leonard looking at Penny through her open door in tonight’s episode was a definite parallel to the pilot. Plus, if I’m remembering correctly, it looked like the main five were all wearing clothes/colors very similar to what they wore in the first episode.

- It looked like about the whole crew down below was wearing ties for the occasion, including the women. Some were dressed nicely, others just had ties on over their regular shirts.

- A couple times throughout the night, Johnny would come up to the woman with the clapboard as she was slating, and sort of rest his head on her shoulder. So then on the last take of the night, she gave him the clapboard, and he said “tag, take three,” or whatever it was, and then patted his shoulder, motioning for her to come and lean against him. After he slated, he asked if he did it wrong, but she said no.

- Despite Bill’s tweets earlier about taping something with Beverly, and Christine Baranski being listed in the program we got tonight, she was never in the episode. Bill did recently tweet that the episode ran long and might need to be trimmed, so maybe that was something they already decided would be cut?

- All audience members got a Rubix cube that have the logo and “100 episodes” on it as a keepsake, thanks to Bill Prady.
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