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Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger
Perform 'Old Time Rock & Roll' in NYC
DECEMBER 2, 2011 | By ANDY GREENE Rolling Stone

Nice to see the Boss getting warmed up for the tour

"Just because you've been good little boys and girls this year we have a little Christmas treat for you," Bob Seger told the crowd early in his set at Madison Square Garden last night. "Mr. Bruce Springsteen!" With that, the place went absolutely insane as Springsteen came onstage, gave Seger a hug and launched into "Old Time Rock & Roll."

The two have been friends for years, but as far as I know only played together one other time, at the University of Michigan on the opening night of the River tour in October of 1980. They did "Thunder Road" that night. It only took 31 years for Bruce to return the favor, but for the crowd at MSG last night, it was definitely worth the wait.

This video can also finally prove to your mom that Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen aren't actually the same person. They have the same initials, similar voices, similar career arcs and similar musical stylings, but they are, in fact, different human beings.
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