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Dawson's Creek Season 4 Episode Survivor - Final round! Cast your vote!

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Originally Posted by JenMixelle (View Post)

And with Promicide gone (with 4 votes, I'm calling it), we're down to the last 3.

OK, I'm calling it.

YHMAGB - 4 votes

401 -- Coming Home
402 -- Failing Down
403 -- The Two Gentlemen of Capeside
404 -- Future Tense
405 -- A Family Way
406 -- Great Xpectations
407 -- You had me at Goodbye
408 -- The Unusual Suspects
409 -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
410 -- Self-Reliance
411 -- The Tao of Dawson
412 -- The Te of Pacey
413 -- Hopeless
414 -- A Winter's Tale
415 -- Four Stories
416 -- Mind Games

417 -- Admissions
Past, present, and future collide when the group is forced to make some serious decisions about where they'll attend college.
Joey gets into Worthington, Dawson gives her money, Jen talk to Drue about New York

418 -- Eastern Standard Time
419 -- Late
420 -- Promicide
421 -- Separation Anxiety

422 -- The Graduate
As the Capeside High seniors face graduation, Andie returns to town, and Joey's on the hot seat as she prepares a speech, while Pacey wonders if he'll graduate at all.
Andie shows up, Pacey skips town, Bessie gives Joey a letter from Mom

423 -- Coda
Dawson's goodbyes to friends and family come sooner than expected when he's accepted to a summer program at USC.
Dawson goes to USC early, Joey can't deal with him leaving, everything comes full circle

Change of voting system for this round, people:

Put the remaining three episodes in order from your fav one in #1 to your least fav one in #3.

Like this:

#1: Coda
#2: Admissions
#3: The Graduate

^^ my vote.
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