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Originally Posted by Fercita (View Post)
I know you didn't like her, no one here really, but let's not diminish the place she had in the sitcom because "no repercussion" had us with different dynamics and the main pairing shifting :O
Well I meant it had no real effect on the storyline last night. If the episode had been about the aftermath of the ending of Good Guy, or drawn it out more, I might not have said anything. But Priya barely got a one line mention last night, so I thought I'd just spare the waiting and tell you guys that early.

Finally got this all typed - and it's still Wednesday evening my time! For another 8 minutes. Still, sorry about the wait!

The same request - please credit me if you share any of this elsewhere.

The Isolation Permutation.


Guys apartment - the girls are standing in the kitchen. Penny asks Bernadette how the search for bridesmaid dresses is going. Bernadette says great, if they want to look like an orange traffic cone. As they walk to sit and join the guys, Amy says, girlfriends, I have an answer to our dress problem. She says that 14 years ago, her cousin and her whole family died of carbon monoxide poisoning on the eve of her wedding. Bernadette says that’s terrible. Amy says yes, and no. It means that they have bridesmaids dresses, new and free for them to use, still in the bags. Amy shows them a picture on her phone. (On the second take, she said, “still in the bags - the dresses, not the bridesmaids.)

Bernadette says she doesn’t know, dead people’s clothes? Penny says yeah, and cuff sleeves? Amy says she’d hoped they wouldn’t notice. Her cousin was always a bargain hunter when it came to clothes, and, unfortunately, space heaters.

Sheldon stops their conversation, and says that these four walls used to house a salon of intelligence, where they would feed both their minds and their stomachs. But now, not blaming any one person, Penny, the level of conversation has dropped. He continues along the same lines, but reinforces that he’s not looking at anyone in particular, Penny, but he’d like a new topic. Leonard asks him what he wants to talk about. Howard says to Leonard, “’What do you want to talk about, Sheldon,’ why do you hate us?”

Sheldon says he’s prepared some conversation topics, to suit both the advanced and beginner conversationalists. He looks towards Penny, and she points out, “you looked at me that time.” Amy says to Penny, “Who didn’t? With your alabaster skin, and do you even have pores?” First they taped Penny’s reaction as pleased/happy to this, but then on the last take they changed it so she was creeped out.

Sheldon reads the first new topic form his list - CERN finds particles that move faster than light: paradigm shifting discovery, or another Swiss export with more holes than it’s cheese? Penny asks who wants to go look at bridal magazines in her apartment. Bernadette says she’s in. Penny says that thanks to no one in particular, Sheldon, they’re leaving. Amy tells them to wait for her. Sheldon’s surprised Amy’s going too. Amy tells him that he may have forgotten, but she’s a lady, and her estrogen levels drive her to look at large glossy magazines that make her feel bad about her body.

The girls all leave, and Sheldon proposes a new conversation topic - women - something about them being a mystery, or bat crap crazy? Raj says, “I know! Cuff sleeves look great if you have the right figure!”

On one run through of the scene, they had the cameras on the guys to get their reactions as the girls talked about the dresses. So since we only say the guys on the TV screens, it changed up the pacing as they went through, since the audience was laughing more at the reactions than the lines. At one point during a large chunk of audience laughter, Jim started smiling, and then Johnny checked the time on his watch.


Sheldon and Amy at a table in the cafeteria. Leonard and the other guys walk up, and Leonard asks Amy what she’s going in their neck of the woods. Amy says their neurobiology department was loaning her… something (too many big words for me to remember). She picks up a small cooler from the floor and sets it on the table (with hazard stickers on it), Leonard and Howard lean away, and Sheldon says that she stopped by the borrow a cup of mad cow disease. Amy says it’s difficult to make a degenerative brain disease hilarious, but Sheldon does it. (Mayim messed her line up on the first take, saying “owned” instead of “loaned.” Then she messed it up again somehow. Then Jim flubbed, and said something like, “Now I’m messing up my line.”)

Howard says that’s fun, having that in the cafeteria. Amy says what’s fun is picking the mouse to feed it to, and maybe you choose the little mother with the beady eyes that’s been biting you all week. Howard asks if they can change the topic. As Amy puts it back on the floor, Sheldon says, “Can we?” and says he’s about to turn the conversation into a conver-sensation. Leonard tells Howard “this time it’s your fault.”

Sheldon has prepared 100 cards alphabetically ordered with conversation topics, from “artichoke - just an overgrown thistle,” to “zoink - Scooby Doo’s lasting impact on language.” Then the second one was changed to, “zzzzz, the omnimonopoetry of sleep.”

Howard’s phone beeps, and he tells Sheldon to hold that thought. On the second take, instead as Howard pulls out his phone he says something like saved by the bell. On the third take, Howard just pulls out his phone to check the message, while Leonard asks Amy if he can have some of the mad cow disease. She shakes her head. On the last take, Leonard asks how long it would take for the mad cow disease to kill him. Amy says 4 to 5 years. Leonard says that’s not gonna do it. (On the last two takes, they didn’t use the sound effect for the phone, I guess so it wouldn’t interfere with Leonard and Amy’s dialogue. But Simon was confused at first when he’d know his cue to check his phone, and asked something like, “Could someone say ding dong?”)

Howard says that Bernadette keeps texting him pictures of Penny in bridesmaids dresses. Amy asks, they’re shopping for dresses right now? Howard says yeah. Amy asks, just the two of them? Howard says yes. Amy says oh… that’s cool, that’s cool. Howard doesn’t know why Bernadette keeps asking what he thinks, and asks what guy knows what a princess cut neckline is?

Raj raises his hand. On the second take, Raj raised his hand with the fork in it, then as everyone looked at him, he ate the food on his fork, like that’s all he was doing. Then on the third take he just raised his hand again, and transitioned into running it through his hair.

First the scene ended with Sheldon telling Howard he’s still holding that thought. Then it was changed to Sheldon proposing a new topic - organ grinder - something about it being a missed job of the past, or cruel monkey slave. He tells them to converse, but then there was a close up shot of Amy looking sad.


Guy’s apartment, Leonard’s in front of his TV, moving his arms in front of him forward and back together, bending his knees so he’s moving up and down quickly… He says, “Leonard’s coming up the final turn.” Then a shot of the TV, which is a video game for horseback racing, so you realize his odd movements are him pretending to race a horse. He says come on horsie, you can do this. Then after a beat, come on thighs, you can do this. A little bit more, then he lifts his arms in celebration, and says, yes!, first place! (Poor Johnny had to do this at least a few times - looked like he was getting tired!)

He says to himself that he would have been a great jockey if he wasn’t too tall… at least that’s one thing he can say that about. Then the ending was changed to …and afraid of horses. Leonard tells Sheldon it’s his turn. Sheldon, at his desk, looks up startled from his computer. Leonard tells Sheldon that he’d been the one who said they needed more exercise. (Later changed to “needed more fresh air.”)

Sheldon says that Amy hasn’t been responding to his communications. He’s tried email, video chat, texting, tweeting, facebook message. Leonard asks if he’s tried calling on the phone. Sheldon says no, and tells Leonard that his simple mind might be the greatest of all of them. Sheldon tries calling, but it goes straight to voicemail. Leonard says they can go check on her if Sheldon’s really worried. Sheldon agrees, and comments that a bobcat was recently spotted in her neighborhood.

Leonard says he’s sure that Amy wasn’t eaten by a bobcat. Sheldon asks, who thinks Amy was eaten by a bobcat? Leonard asks, you do? Sheldon says no, he was just sharing an interesting piece of news, but now he can’t stop thinking that she was eaten. Leonard says to stop thinking about the bobcat. Sheldon asks how can he when Leonard keeps bringing it up?


Amy’s in her apartment, playing the harp, singing/crying, “Everybody hurts sometimes, everybody cries…” Out in the hallway, Leonard and Sheldon walk up to her door and listen. On the first take, Sheldon says “she’s singing, she’s fine,” then turns to leave. Then it was changed to, “She sounds weepy, I don’t like that.” Leonard tells him to suck it up, Amy’s his friend, and she’s upset.

Leonard knocks on the door, Sheldon-style, then walks away. (They did a couple takes with a camera looking through the open door at Johnny, so Johnny stepped up to the camera like he would knock on it, then after a beat did knock on the camera, smiling, and made faces. On the second take, he moved his hand like he was clawing, and made an appropriate face that went with it.)

Sheldon asks where he’s going, Leonard says, “I’m single, I don’t need this crap.” () Amy answers, and asks Sheldon why he’s there. Sheldon says that she wasn’t responding to his messages. Amy says she wanted to be alone, and then goes to sit on her couch. Sheldon steps in and asks if she wants to talk about it, and reminds her than no is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Amy tells him that her world is falling apart. Sheldon says that it’s convention for him to offer her a hot beverage when she’s upset. But he’s a guest in her home, so it’s also convention for her to offer him a beverage. So he asks how she’d like to continue regarding the beverages. Amy says the beverages don’t matter. Sheldon says if she’d like something else to distract her, a bobcat was sighted - Amy looks up at him, and he stops talking.

Amy tells him Amy and Bernadette went shopping without her. Sheldon asks, and that makes you sad? Any says yes. Sheldon says, “I knew it! Keep going, turns out I’m good at this.” Amy says she thought that they liked spending time with her, but now she sees that she was just fooling herself. Sheldon asks if she offered them beverages when they were there, because he sees how that could be a problem.

Amy says she’d like to ask him something, and requests that he’d keep an open mind. Sheldon says always. Amy says that she is currently craving human touch and physical interaction. Sheldon says oh boy, then reminds her that their relationship has always been one of the mind. Amy proposes one night of wild sex to soothe her soul and fire her loins. Sheldon counter-proposes that he strokes her head and repeats “who’s a good Amy.” Amy suggests French kissing, 7 minutes in heaven leading to second base. Sheldon says a neck massage, then she gets him that beverage. Amy says cuddling, final offer. Sheldon concedes.

So then there’s total awkwardness as Amy tries to cuddle next to Sheldon. Eventually they get situated, Sheldon up against the corner, Amy leaning against his chest, shoulder, his arms up high against her side. Amy says, “second base is right there, just saying.”


Leonard, Howard, and Raj at a table in the cafeteria. Raj says he’s thinking of adopting an eccentric accent, like a piple, or monocle, or handlebar moustache. Leonard asks, for all the women looking for the Ingian Mr. Monopoly? Raj says this isn’t a safe place, you can’t share anything.

Sheldon storms in, and tells Leonard and Howard, “you two need to get your women in line.” Leonard asks, what? Sheldon tells them how he spent all the previous night listening to harp music, and spooning with an emotional Amy, when he’d previously set the night aside for solving something with gravity (again, don’t remember the specifics), and building his Lego Death Star. All because Penny and Bernadette went shopping for some silly wedding thing without Amy, with no regards for how that would affect Sheldon, the future of string theory, or his Lego fun time.

Howard asks what Sheldon wants them to do. Sheldon says clearly he wasn’t listening to his topic sentence, get their women in line! Have them apologize to Amy and set things right. Sheldon says he’s a man of science, not someone’s snuggle bunny. Leonard says Penny’s not his girlfriend, and asks why he has to talk to her. Sheldon says that four years ago Leonard invited Penny over for lunch, so everything regarding Penny is on Leonard, then tells them “make it so.”


Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette are having dinner in the guys’ apartment. Leonard gives Penny her food, and she asks where Sheldon is. Leonard says that Sheldon had a late night and fell asleep in the car, so Leonard put him to bed. Bernadette says that’s sweet, and Leonard says yeah, but he’ll never sleep through the night. Then Leonard’s lines were changed to, “He was up late last night, so I gave him an early dinner and put him to bed,” and, “Yeah, but now he’ll be up at dawn wanting to play.”

Howard says actually, the reason Sheldon was up so late was he was with Amy, who was upset. Bernadette asks why, and Leonard tells them she was upset that they went shopping for dresses without her. Bernadette tells Penny “I told you she’d be upset,” and Penny tells the guys, look, it’s her first time being a bridesmaid, and she keeps going a little overboard. Bernadette says that Amy keeps telling them traditions about bridesmaids from other cultures that involve them getting naked and washing each other. Penny adds that she keeps asking if their periods have synched, because she wants to call them the Three Menstrateers.

Bernadette says they just thought it’d be easier if they went for one day without her, but now she feels horrible. Penny says she does too, and assures the guys that they’ll talk to her. Penny asks how Amy found out, anyway, and Howard panics and says that Raj told her. Raj whispers in his ear, and Howard says Raj says he’d do it again! Bernadette glares, and Howard says sorry, it was him, but she was sending the pictures, and he just wasn’t thinking. But he says he’s usually really good about not sharing the stuff she tells him about “these guys,” as he motions to the others.

Penny asks Bernadette what she tells him about them. Bernadette says it’s just pillow talk, nothing important. Leonard asks Penny if she talked about him when they were dating. Penny says no, his little secrets are safe. Bernadette says yeah, perfectly safe. Howard says “we don’t know a thing.” Raj whispers again to Howard, and Howard laughs a little, and says “I’ll tell you later.”


Amy’s in her lab, cutting open a brain. She says “come on tumor, come on tumor.” She’s excited when she finds one, then says to the brain “I bet you weren’t as excited when you heard the news.” Penny and Bernadette come to the door, and Amy asks why they’re there. Penny says they feel bad and came to apologize. Amy says it’s fine, it’s like they say on Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the other, one of these things should die alone.

Penny says that they want to make it up to her, girls night, whatever Amy wants to do. Bernadette says they could do to that Korean bath house Amy was talking about and wash each other. Penny says or take their own showers alone, then meet up for drinks. Then Penny’s line was changed to, “loofah mitts only, no hands.”

Amy says that it’s not the first time she was rejected by a group of girls, and it’s just like elementary, jr high, high school, under grad, grad school, and her semester abroad all over again. I think it was somewhere in here that Amy says something about her being friends with a beautiful woman, and her cute-in-the-right-light friend. Penny and Bernadette say again how bad they feel, but Amy tells them they don’t get it, and holds up the brain and says to look at it. Penny makes a face and says she’d really rather not.

Amy says that Bernadette’s the logical, rational right hemisphere, Penny’s the creative, impulsive left. And where’s Amy? She’s the brain tumor that no one wants to bring dress shopping. Bernadette tells her she’s not the tumor, and turns to Penny for backup, but Penny’s throwing up in the trash can.


Guy’s apartment, Sheldon’s building his Lego Death Star when the phone rings. Sheldon tells Leonard that when Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he suggested people answer the phone with “ahoy.” Sheldon answers the phone as such, and tells Leonard he likes it. Then Sheldon on the phone goes something like, “Amy? Have you been drinking? You bet my sweet what? Alright, we’re coming.” Leonard asks what’s going on, and Sheldon says Amy’s drunk in a liquor store parking lot. Leonard asks, really? Amy? Sheldon tells him that he’s lucky he can’t keep a woman, because they’re a handful.

SCENE 9 (pre-taped)

Amy’s sitting on the ground, drinking, and as Sheldon and Leonard come up she says, “It’s Sheldon and little Leonard, hi little Leonard.” Leonard says hi. Then Amy says to Sheldon, hi Cuddles. Leonard asks, Cuddles? Sheldon says “we cuddled, grow up.” Leonard asks Amy why she’s there. She says she’s doing what she learned from Penny, when you’re upset, drink wine. Leonard asks her why she didn’t bring the wine home. Amy asks didn’t he go to high school? The parking lot is the cool place to be… not that she was ever invited.

Leonard tries to help her up, but she stops him, and then asks Sheldon what it would take for Sheldon to go into the liquor store, buy some alcohol, then take Amy to the hotel across the street and have his way with her. Leonard asks Sheldon, yes, what would it take? Sheldon glares at them, then says, “I’m begging both of you, can we please go home?” So Leonard helps Amy up, and is supporting her as they walk away, and his hand brushes her chest and Amy says “someone finally got to second base.”


Next morning, Amy hungover at work, cutting another brain. She tells it she knows how it feels, there’s a knife cutting into her frontal love too. Penny and Bernadette are at her door again, and Amy asks what they want this time, does Penny want the friendship bracelet back? Penny says she never gave her one. Amy says that she made it shortly after they met and pretended that Penny gave it to her. Penny says, “No, you made that for you, I want you to have it.”

Bernadette tells Amy again how they’re really sorry, and want another chance to make it up to her. Penny says that they’ve been thinking of what they can do to show her how much they care. And then Bernadette asks Amy if she’ll be her maid of honor. Amy asks if this is another joke, like when she was abroad and the girls locked her in something with a horny otter. Bernadette says no, she really wants her to be maid of honor.

Amy gets excited, and says she’s never been asked to be a maid of honor - except for that one time, but then everybody died. Bernadette asks, that’s a yes? Amy says yes, and there’s so much to plan, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party, what to do for the bachelorette party? Then Amy says she knows, they’ll go to a Native American bathhouse, take peyote, roll around in the mud, and then paint fertility symbols on Bernadette’s naked body, “so that’s happening.” Penny says or Vegas is always fun too.

Amy says she might cry, then says maybe she’s just hormonal. She asks if their periods have finally synched. She turns to Bernadette, but she shakes her head. Then Penny, but Penny says sorry, no. Amy’s disappointed, and asks, really? Penny admits fine, yes, and Amy hugs her.

SCENE 11 (pre-taped)

In a bridal dress store. Amy’s holding a handheld video camera, turns it towards her and says, Amy Farrah Fowler, maid of honor, backstage wedding fun video, take one. Bernadette says they’re just trying on dresses, do they really need to tape this? Amy asks if she’s the maid of honor. Bernadette says she’s the bride. Amy says then that would be no.

Penny comes out in a dress, which Bernadette loves, but Amy says come on bestie, show some more skin. Cut to Amy coming out in a dress, they tell her she looks sexy, and Amy says confidently, “You think there aren’t mirrors back there? I know how I look.” Cut to Bernadette in a wedding gown, Penny says she looks beautiful and goes up to hug her. Amy says, beautiful, yes, but not Penny beautiful. (Penny glares and Bernadette looks upset.) Then cut to Amy outside a dressing room door, asking Penny what’s taking so long or something, and she opens the door, but Penny’s in the middle of changing. Penny yells at Amy to go away, so Amy apologizes and turns, but then turns back towards Penny again. Penny repeats, out!, and Amy again says sorry and cuts away.

Everything starting from Penny coming out in a dress was shown from Amy’s camcorder’s POV. And though they showed us the full segment pre-taped, then they did tape the very first part with just Amy and Bernadette again, because they’d forgotten to get that part from Amy’s camera’s POV (what we saw was the regular camera’s POV on the both of them). Mayim really just had her hands out pretending to hold the camera, cause at one point she apologized and said she touched something.
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