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I didn't think I'd ever be saying this. All of you here know how much this board and everyone that posts here (past and current posters) means to me. But, I do think the board's time has come. I'd like to see the board go out on our terms rather than go out not meeting the post counts which is the reality the board is facing.
The board has been down to the mods and a few posters for the past couple of years now. The majority of the posting is from the mods. Most threads/discussions aren't moving. We've tried pretty much everything under the sun to increase activity and get people to post to no avail. We've let everyone know on more than one occasion that if they want to the board to stay open they need to post. We've asked for ideas and suggestions. But, again we've gotten little to no reaction. This summer was a real struggle and a few weeks we didn't make the minimum count required. We were hoping for the best when the new season started but things haven't improved sadly. In most of the threads we have a mod talking to themselves or each other. It seems as if one general thread on the TV board to discuss the show might serve us better now.

I love this board so much I want to do it justice. Give it a proper goodbye.
Like I said above, I'd like to see the board go out on our terms rather than be shut down.

What do you all think?
Please let us know how you feel/what you think. We want to know. Nothing is a done deal yet.
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