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56k modems were the top-of-the-line home modem from more than a decade ago. If you have that now then you must be feeling more pain than Jake and Hamilton were when they were prompted to hack into the satellite signal.
well my modem doesnt look like that obviously but thats the speed I have I think.

I know you all love the scene with Hamilton and the camera but honestly that he will take pictures of a guy and his motorcycle when he is supposed to be taking pics of the girls does have me wonder if Hamilton isn't really truly gay. He is ok with Jake-the-guy and a bit put-off at learning that Jake is a girl.
I actually always saw that as him seeing the bike at first I mean being drawn to that instead of the guy and then afterwards being drawn to this mystery person with the motorcycle, obviously others will disagree but thats how I saw it, not as a scene of him checking out random guy

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