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Originally Posted by s e r e n i t y (View Post)
Ooh are 56kbps modems for DSL? cause I think thats the one I have and now Im feeling very much behind on life in general

Ooh Will jumping for joy hes so cute

I cant stop thinking about you and this is where it gets creepy for me

56k modems were the top-of-the-line home modem from more than a decade ago. If you have that now then you must be feeling more pain than Jake and Hamilton were when they were prompted to hack into the satellite signal.

In the pilot it doesn't take long for Bella to find out why Scout was avoiding her.

I know you all love the scene with Hamilton and the camera but honestly that he will take pictures of a guy and his motorcycle when he is supposed to be taking pics of the girls does have me wonder if Hamilton isn't really truly gay. He is ok with Jake-the-guy and a bit put-off at learning that Jake is a girl.

This whole show probably contributed a lot to the unending rumours that Ian is gay. And they get countered with claims he is dating INSERT SUPERBABE CELEBRITY DE JOUR.

Finnegan, for being a joke i still find it odd that people can get themselves so excited at the thought of tipping a cow that they are so convincing they succeed in the joke. New shoes, a new car, a christmas bonus that is twice your annual salary, a new baby, a wedding, all are things to get excited about. But to want to go into a field and tip over a cow. I'm busy shaving my legs that night.

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