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Originally Posted by iamgre@ (View Post)
I like it because it is rather different for ending a show but much like Scout i am confused by the thrill of cow-tipping.
Cow-tipping is not real. It's a famous gag that rural folks pull on city folks. You can't tip cows, they don't sleep standing up. Google for it, there's a lot online about it.

That's the point. The cow-tipping is there to clue us in that YA is a dream, not real. I think that episode 1 of the aired series does that far better with its beautiful ending about "the perfect people, the perfect life," and its rendition of "Over the Rainbow."

But what I miss most in the unaired pilot is that it lacks Bella's reference to the theme of YA as aired: "true love." YA as aired is about how to love better, how to love more truly. I'm not sure that Antin had that vision when he made the UP. The UP simply lacks the moral vision of YA as aired.
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