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I still think it's lame that Finn is changing a light bulb right in front of Will's and Scout's room and that's why he finds out about Will cheating.
I find it weird that they have a caretaker (is that who its called?) and Finns the one doing it its not his job

Oh Will is blaming Scpout, thats something that didnt change ever :roll_eyes:

Oh my god Hamiltons hair in the roof scene is horrible

Oh Hamilton looking at JAke and saying Im hopelessly in love
Oh my and then them looking at eachother and I wanna have sex with you
and the Kiss, but my enjoyment of this scene is disrupted by my hate for Hams hair

I will never see Mark Pellegriano as a nice character, Im too used to him being evil Im so glad they changed him

you dont wanna have sex with me? I actually like her delivery on that
that is awesome, I love that you said that I just wanna headslap both of them in that moment, urgh talking about spending the rest of her life with him

Question: did they re-shoot all the scenes or where some from the original pilot kept? like this Bella/Scout scene where I think theyre wearing the same clothes as in Beginnings?

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