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Originally Posted by BrathanSupporter (View Post)
The thing is, it seems like the baby will only have telekinesis...well judging by the research....
Well considering the baby brought itself back to life and was even growing inside Katie at an accelerated rate, I seriously doubt telekinesis is the only power the baby has......

Originally Posted by BrathanSupporter (View Post)
I think it'll take the baby a bit more time to be as powerful as his father was. JJ/Daphne are not toast they will show Watcher Jr. how to behave. Well you know how that smart genuis calculator always comes to his brain when something is going while he is getting telekinetic away something my show up to tell him what to do. and I do not think the Watcher Jr. will not how to do telekinetic choke holds by the way.
Floating in the air by telekinesis is not something you can think your way out of....especially when you can't move...

Like I said, do not underestimate super-babies....Wyatt is an example and I'm sure Watcher Jr. is more than capable of giving our super-siblings a run for their money, besides, would JJ and Daphne sink that low to pick on a baby?
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