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Originally Posted by BryceLarkinFanForever (View Post)
Ah but have you forgotten baby-Wyatt on Charmed? Wyatt wasn't even walking or talking and that baby could pack a punch! Do NOT underestimate magical-powered super-babies with telekinetic abilities and regenerative healing factor!

Beware of the baby!!!

We already saw how powerful Joshua can be at his full powers, and considering this baby seems to have inherited a bit more, I'd say JJ and Daphne are toast!!! Daphne might be able to read the baby's mind, depending on if it's got that mind-blocking abilties, but I don't think JJ can think his way out of a telekinetic choke hold or lifted into the air.
Nope I could never forget Wyatt, I loved the baby and the grown man. I love how Wyatt could shield himself from any harm.

The thing is, it seems like the baby will only have telekinesis...well judging by the research....

I think it'll take the baby a bit more time to be as powerful as his father was. JJ/Daphne are not toast they will show Watcher Jr. how to behave. Well you know how that smart genuis calculator always comes to his brain when something is going while he is getting telekinetic away something my show up to tell him what to do. and I do not think the Watcher Jr. will not how to do telekinetic choke holds by the way.
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