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Originally Posted by BrathanSupporter (View Post)
Oh so you really did think it was cool for Watcher Jr. to put JJ and Daphne through the ringer. umm I don't see any of this happening. but of course I love how far your thoughts go. lol JJ is a genius and Daphne a mind reader, manipulative. They'll know how to control that baby.
Ah but you forget that the baby is Watcher Jr, and if he's anything like his Papa, he can take on JJ and Daphne with no problem. Those telekinetic abilities comes very effective so unless JJ's super brain has figured out how to avoid telekinesis or Daphne's mind reading can stop the baby's powers, I think they are in for a fight!

Let's hope that they just never leave those three alone together, I fear the house may explode!
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