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Originally Posted by Astra (View Post)
Well... I'm not crazy about Winona... have said that before (sorry guys) but I'm glad she wasn't caught but I was really worried that she was gonna drag Raylan into something that she should have known better about in the first place...

What a moron... honestly, she used to seem very level headed and pragmatic and for her to do that was a little off-character I thought... and the explanation she gave about Gary's money issues/pending divorce etc was lame to me...

At least it seems that Raylan has had a realization about her and I'm curious if this whole plotline will cool the heels on their renewing 'romance'...
Me either, but I didn't want her to drag Raylan down with her... which could be tricky, now that Art knows. I'm Team Raylan/Ava, btw.

I think it was an impulse; there was no one around, and the money seemed to be forgotten, just lying there. I think I would've taken it too.
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