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Originally Posted by montana_rosalie (View Post)
The episode was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time; I'm kinda glad Winona wasn't caught, but it was so close!
Well... I'm not crazy about Winona... have said that before (sorry guys) but I'm glad she wasn't caught but I was really worried that she was gonna drag Raylan into something that she should have known better about in the first place...

What a moron... honestly, she used to seem very level headed and pragmatic and for her to do that was a little off-character I thought... and the explanation she gave about Gary's money issues/pending divorce etc was lame to me...

At least it seems that Raylan has had a realization about her and I'm curious if this whole plotline will cool the heels on their renewing 'romance'...

Welcome lietome89!! Glad you're here with us!

Well, we're still building participation on this thread, and I think that once we have regular posters and discussion etc that the next step might be to try and get an individual board for the show... Then we have to go through the nomination and voting process and if we got enough votes etc then a Justified board might be possible at some point in the future
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