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I've been addicted to my video game my brother and sister in law gave me for my birthday, so I've been playing that everyday. it's Indiana Jones Lego game for Wii. Spring break happened this week.

Friday 11th - Grandmother and I went for a mani/pedi date and lunch. It was a lot of fun. I love taking her, and she loves to get them. So we did that.

Saturday 12 - Celebrated my birthday with everyone in my family [mum, brother, grandmother]

Sunday 13th - Celebrated my birthday with a friend we went to dinner, [separate bills] then Billy Elliot, then House of Pies afterward [he paid our bill][I didn't want him to, but he insisted.. He's the guy who I liked for so long..]

Monday 14th - Since I was having a few days to myself I let my mum have a few days to her too. Monday she went shopping and did stuff for the house, cleaned a little, but just enjoyed her spring break too.

Tuesday 15th - Hung out around home, my mum went to the garden center and did things on her own. She got a lot of nice items for our yard to plant, got ready, my friend came over and we went to my brother's apartment. From there we went to the Rodeo and went to see KISS. I had a baked potato and everyone laughed at me because I'm at the Rodeo and they said I should of had BBQ. But I don't eat BBQ so.. my baked potato was pretty plain for them, Water, and Cotton Candy.

Wednesday 16th - Hung around the house and got my grandmother ready to be packed up the next day because she was going to spend 4 days in Austin, Tx with my uncle and aunt. I hung around home and then I went to get my computer fixed the cd drive has finally been replaced and works, then I had dinner as I was waiting for it, went to a bible study.

Thursday 17th - Mum had errands to run and I didn't care, I was finishing up getting everything ready for my grandmother. Finished up with her, and then took her to Giddings which is sort of halfway between Humble/Austin to drop off my grandmother with my uncle and then I headed home. Thursday night I had 5 mins to get ready and mum and I went to the Beatles tribute band. We met up with my brother and sister in law for dinner, from there we went to the Beatles Tribute band, had fun. I asked for a Cranberry Vodka, and the guy gave me straight up cranberry juice. EWW. I am WELL over the age to drink! I got carded at the gate, but at the bar I continued saying I wanted Vodka in my drink :/ From there we went home and got ice cream.

Friday 18th - Woke up early. We went to a place called 'The Dump' it's where marked down furniture is. Really nice stuff too! So we were looking for an area rug. We got a really pretty one and then we went home. We had to see how it looked against our red furniture which it did! It was perfect. Went to lunch at a Greek restaurant that is hiring and I'm going to go over there tomorrow to see if I can apply for work. We headed back out to Garden Ridge which there is a lot of things to put around your house, or in your garden. There's arts and craft things too. So we got a painting for my mantel, we got candle things, and some "put arounds" for the house to make it more homely, we've lived here for almost 3 years and we had barely anything on our walls so we finally did that. From Garden Ridge mum and I went to Whole Foods. She bought stuff for dinner, and a pizza she'd heard about that she wanted to try. I used my 100 dollar gift card I'd won from a contest on the website and spent about 50 dollars. I got some vegan items that are quite good! I want to be able to shop there more often, but I need a job to do so. Went home had what mum bought, Portabella Mushroom, Shrimp, Scallops, Salmon, Rice, Bok Choy. Dessert: Mixed berries with cool whip.

Saturday 19th - Got up, went to weight watchers, went to Walmart, got more stuff for the house. From there my friend came over and we watched Harry Potter 1, went to dinner for some sushi. She had a lot that she'd never tried before which is great because we introduced her to my bff's and my favourite place. From there we went for frozen yogurt. Came home, watched another Harry Potter.

Sunday 20th - Today, got up early went to church, got my mum to go for the first time in forever. We went to lunch, and then I went to go get my grandmother from Brenham, Tx. So my uncle and aunt came earlier into town for distance, and it was easier for me to get her and not as far so I wasn't on the road as much. Came home and then grilled dinner on the bbq pit!

That's how my week's been.
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