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Are you going tonight Roxanne? I know you said a while back there was a taping that you weren't sure you were going to be able to get in (at least I think that's what I remember, could be totally wrong!)
Yup, I was there tonight! There was one taping I wasn't sure if I'd make it to or not (the first one with Zack, I think), but I did.

Tonight was a long one... Started an hour early at 5:30, and we still didn't get out until after 10. I'm hoping to have everything up tonight; it was a really awesome episode! Here's tonight's report! As before, please don't copy and paste to other sites, just link back to the forum.

The episode is called "The Love Car Displacement."

Scene 1 - Cheesecake Factory

Leonard, Sheldon, and Amy are at a table; Penny approaches and asks if they’re ready to order. Sheldon says that considering they eat there every Tuesday, at 6:00, and always order the same thing, and it is now 6:08, he question not only answers itself, but also is a testimony of her poor time management skills.

On the second take, after that Sheldon also said something like, “But I’ve been told it’s impolite to say such things… Yes, we’re ready.”

Then it was changed again, so after him saying the question answers itself, he said it can also go on a shelf with other pointless questions, like who let the dogs out? And how are they hanging?

Penny says okay, the usual, with extra spit on Sheldon’s hamburger. She starts to walk away, when Amy stops her, asking if she’s free this weekend. Penny says no, sorry, she’s not. Sheldon says she’ll probably be serving food that was ordered today.

Amy tells Penny that’s too bad, she was hoping that Penny could be her plus one for this science symposium with a really long name that Mayim had a bit of trouble saying. Penny just asks, what? Leonard tells her it’s an annual conference, and they were all invited to speak. Penny says oh, well she’s still got plans.

Amy says that’s too bad, because since Penny’s her best friend, she was hoping they could bond at the conference. Penny’s surprised, and asks, “I’m you’re best friend?” Amy says, “Yes, don’t you read my blog?” On the first take, Penny said she’s a little behind. Then it was changed to Penny saying don’t feel bad, I slept with Leonard and still didn’t read his blog.

So then Amy asks if Penny knows anyone else who would like an all-expense paid spa weekend at the resort. Penny starts to say no, but then asks, free what? First Leonard asked Penny, “Still busy this weekend?” Then it was changed to Leonard saying to Amy, “I think her weekend just opened up.” Penny asks, just to clarify, when you say spa it means the same thing as when normal people say it, right? Leonard says yeah, they just keep their shirts on in the sauna.

Penny tells Amy it’s going to be tough, but she’ll make sure she’s free, so she can spend some time with her best friend. And she goes to hug Amy from behind, but Amy says, “Don’t touch my breasts!” Penny backs away and says she wasn’t going to, and Amy says she was just setting boundaries.

Penny’s excited, and said it’s been a long time since she’s had a vacation. Sheldon tells her that in order to take a vacation, one must work first. Penny tells him that for a smart guy, he has a lot of trouble remembering that you shouldn’t piss off the people that make the food that you eat, and walks away.

Amy tells Sheldon that Penny has a point. Sheldon says he’s not worried, he’s sure that Penny will adhere to the Official California Restaurant Workers’ Code of Ethics and Cleanliness.” Amy says that she doesn’t think there’s such a thing. Sheldon turns to Leonard, and asks, you lied to me? And Leonard says to Amy, thanks a lot.

Scene 2 - Guy’s apartment

Leonard, Penny, Amy, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette are all sitting on the couch and chairs, while Sheldon is standing in front of them, in front of a large electronic screen that has a map of southern CA on it.

Sheldon passes out a stack of packets to them, saying that he knows they’re all eager to get on the road, so hopefully they can finish the orientation within half an hour. Then it’s just Q and A, the quiz, safety drills, and the group picture before they head out. Penny’s annoyed, and Leonard tells her don’t worry, she can copy his answers on the quiz.

Raj starts to pour himself a cup of coffee, before Sheldon stops him and asks what he’s doing. Raj just holds up the cup, but Sheldon tells him that he’s already had his 6 ounces this morning. Sheldon turns to the map and says that they’re not taking their first break until Bakersfield (?), which is something like 4 hours away, and he circles it on the map (it’s touch activated). Sheldon says they’re only as strong as their weakest bladder.

Then Sheldon touches something so two diagrams of cars show up instead, and says that they have seven people and two cars. Leonard is driving the first car, with Sheldon, Amy, and Penny (as Sheldon names each person, he drags an icon of their head from the side into the car). Bernadette’s driving the second car, with Howard and Raj.

Amy tells Penny that Penny was originally in the other car, but Amy got her upgraded. Sheldon says yes, Amy pointed out that with Penny’s Nebraska wilderness experience and (synonym for large) hands, she’d be able to help them survive in an emergency. Penny asks, my hands?, and holds them out to look at them, and Leonard tells her, “They’re larger than mine.”

Scene 3 - Driving in the cars (pre-taped yesterday, reenacted for us once)

Start with Leonard’s car. Sheldon’s speaking into a walkie-talkie, something like, “Red Leader to Red Five. … Red Leader to Red Five. … Howard, you promised!” Howard finally replies, and Sheldon requests their 15 minute position update. Howard says they’re still right behind them. Then Sheldon looks in the mirror, and tells Howard that the radio contact was enough, the finger wasn’t necessary.

Penny and Amy are sitting in the back, and Penny asks Amy if she and Sheldon are sharing a room. Amy says no, they don’t want to risk ruining their relationship by learning too much about each other. Sheldon adds that learning too much about someone’s bathroom routine can change how you view them, and Amy nods. Leonard says, “Don’t I know it,” Penny starts to protest, and he says he wasn’t talking about her, he was talking about Sheldon, but then he says that she was an eye-opener, too.

Amy tells Penny that since they’re best friends they’ll be sharing a room, and not to worry because car trips make Amy constipated, so she’ll be a good bathroom buddy.

Cut to Bernadette’s car, Howard in the front passenger seat, Raj in back. Bernadette says she hopes they make it in time for the keynote address. Howard asks really, you want to go to the keynote? Bernadette says it sounds interesting - something like, super viruses, world threat or fun experiments?

Howard says that he thought they could go up to their room and take a nap first. I think Bernadette says that he could take a nap while she goes to the keynote, but Howard wanted to nap with her. Bernadette ends up suggesting that if he wants to take a nap so badly, why not take one in the car? Howard says he doesn’t want to take a nap in the car, not now at least, maybe later. Meanwhile Raj is looking uncomfortable in the back, and has pulled out his phone.

Bernadette’s phone then rings, and she puts it on speaker, it’s Leonard. He says he just got a text from Raj, who wants him to tell her that when Howard says nap, he means sex. Bernadette laughs a little, happy, and says, “We’re going to have sex!”

Cut back to Leonard’s car. They’re playing a game where they’re guessing what Sheldon is. Leonard and Amy each ask a question, having to do with elements, then it’s Penny’s turn, but she’s lost. She asks, are you food? Sheldon says that they’ve already established he’s from the periodic table, of course he’s not food. Penny says it’s a table, why can’t there be food on it?

Somehow this evolved into Penny questioning why Sheldon got to be the travel god, in charge of the trip. Sheldon says that he’s the coordinator, not god, but he likes the sound of that, and takes a note, writing it down. Penny still wants to know why Sheldon, and Leonard says it was late at night when they voted, and Sheldon was threatening to filibuster. Penny asks why doesn’t anyone ever stand up to Sheldon, and what can he do, anyway?

Cut back to Bernadette’s car, and now Penny’s joined Raj in the back. She says something like, “I can’t believe you let him throw me out of the car,” and Howard says, “He is the travel coordinator.”

Bernadette tells Penny that it’s okay, she’s in the love car now. Penny asks, love car? And then Bernadette and Howard start singing “I Got You, Babe.”

Scene 4 - Hotel lobby

Penny walks in, looking very worn out (the rest of her car group behind her), and stops next to Amy. Amy says, “I missed you.” Penny says, “You know, I missed you too.”

Off to the side, Rick Fox’s character sees Bernadette and says, “Bernie?” And she smiles and says “Glenn!” and they hug. She asks if he’s there for the conference, and he says he is, he’s speaking on global warming. Bernadette introduces him to Howard, and Glenn give this surprised “oh” when she says Howard’s her boyfriend. They shake hands, and Howard says, “Hey, ow!, hi.”

Glenn says he’s gotta go, but his talk is tomorrow morning - it’s called something like Remembering Snow. Bernadette says she’ll try to make it, and before he leaves Glenn kisses her on the cheek. She smiles as she watches him go, and Howard says, “Bernie? Please tell me that was your cousin.” (Later, changed to “gay cousin.”)

Bernadette says no, he was one of her professors in college. Howard relaxes and says good, he’s relieved, but then Bernadette adds that they dated for a year. She walks to the side, and Raj comes up, whispering in Howard’s ear. Howard says, “It doesn’t have to be proportional - shut up!”

Scene 5 - Howard and Bernadette’s room

Howard’s tipping the bellhop at the door. He gives him a little extra, and says “That dark green suitcase is Dr. Cooper’s, make sure he has to wait for it.”

He closes the door and turns around, and Bernadette’s right there, starting to kiss him. They sit on the edge of the bed, and Howard asks about Glenn, confirming that they dated for a year. Bernadette asks if they really have to talk about her old boyfriend right now? Howard says no, and they start to kiss again, but then Howard asks so how tall is he, 6’4”, 6’5”? Bernadette says 6’7”. Howard says he probably has a hard time finding a suit that fits.

Bernadette asks him if something’s wrong. Howard stands up and says that if she’s already had sex with Glenn, then nothing he does is going to make an… impact. (After a couple takes, Simon added a little hand gesture to this line, which made Melissa laugh the first time.)

Bernadette says that doesn’t matter, she loves him, and wants to be with him. Howard says but if was a contest, he’d lose. Bernadette says it’s not a contest. He says he’d still lose. She says then don’t think about it that way, but he says, “see, loser!” and puts the L up on his forehead; then on the last take, as he took down the L he brought his thumb and forefinger together, motioning for “small.”

Bernadette tells him to stop. Howard’s looking through his suitcase, and says, “I just never thought that a guy like me with a girl like you would ever have to worry about a guy like him.” Bernadette asks, a girl like me? Howard looks up, realizing he’s in trouble, and when he fails to put together a response, she asks, “Are you saying I’m not hot enough to date a guy like Glenn?” Howard says no, no, he’s saying the exact opposite. So she asks, “Are you saying I’m too hot to date a guy like Glenn?” And Howard says yeah, let’s go with that, and Bernadette just glares at him.

Scene 6 - Amy and Penny’s room

Penny’s sitting on one of the beds, reading a brochure or something from the hotel. You hear the toilet flush, then Amy comes out of the bathroom and says “still nothing,” and tells Penny to remind her to try again in an hour. Then Amy sits down on her knees on the bed, close to Penny, and asks if she wants some girl talk.

Penny asks what she wants to talk about. Amy asks her if she subscribes to the Freudian theory of penis envy. Penny says she’s never really thought about it. Amy says that sometimes she’d like one, not for sex, but for convenience, something about how the guy’s internal setup is more efficient than theirs? Penny again says she’s never really thought about it. Amy says well you have time now, think about it. After a few seconds there’s a knock at the door, and Penny gratefully gets up to answer it.

It’s Bernadette, who asks if they could sleep in their room tonight. Penny asks why, and she says Howard’s being an ass. Penny says of course he is, and lets her in. Bernadette says she’ll sleep on the floor, but Amy says that’s not necessary, she and Penny are fine with sharing a bed. Penny asks, we are? Amy says yes, they’re best friends. Penny says oh, right, the blog thing.

Amy tells Penny that she should know that she has night terrors, but if that happens just pin her down and stroke her hair, and she should calm down.

Scene 7 - Raj’s room (pre-taped)

Raj is singing to himself, settling into his bed, setting a box of tissues next to him. He pulls out a couple tissues, turns on the TV, and an announcement says that next up is Bridget Jones’s Diary. Raj wipes at his eyes, and says that he’s crying already.

Scene 8 - Leonard and Sheldon’s room

(Random fact - same set as Amy and Penny’s room, just redecorated slightly.)

Penny knocks on the door, and Leonard opens it, joining her in the hallway, and whispering that Sheldon’s asleep. Penny asks if she can sleep in their room. Leonard asks why? She says cause Howard’s an ass, Bernadette’s in her bed, and no matter how much you stoke her hair, Amy bites!

Leonard says sure, and lets her in. They look at Sheldon (lying right in the middle of his bed, covers tucked in around him, wearing an eye mask), and Leonard asks how they’re going to do this. Penny says, “Well, I’m not getting in bed with him.” On the first take, Leonard said, “I’m not getting in bed with him either.” Then Leonard’s line was changed to something about not wanting to get in the coffin with Count Dracula.

So it’s decided they’ll share Leonard’s bed, and Penny says they’ll just have to make the best of it. Leonard asks, “When you say make the best of it…” and Penny says, “Just sleep.” So they get into bed (Penny on the left, Leonard on the right, for anyone who’s curious), and Leonard says they’ll just call the middle the neutral zone.

Penny asks, neutral zone? Leonard says like on Star Trek, the neutral zone between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. Penny mutters, “just like old times,” and turns on her side away from him; Leonard’s lying on his back. Then he sits up a little and tells her, you know sometimes they did meet in the neutral zone for a temporary alliance. Penny turns to face him and says, “Let me put this in terms you’ll understand - from the waist down my shields are up.” They lie down again, and after a few seconds, Leonard says, “There are a lot of things we could do from the waist up-” but Penny says, “Goodnight, Leonard.”

Sheldon gets out of bed, turns on the light, looks at them, and asks, “Are you two having coitus?” Penny says no. Sheldon asks if they can guarantee that they won’t be having coitus at some point during the night. Penny says, “Yes!” and the same time that Leonard says, “No!” and Leonard breaks into a grin.

Scene 9 - Raj’s room (pre-taped)

Sheldon knocks on the door and asks Raj if he can stay in his room - Howard’s an ass, Bernadette’s in Penny’s bed, Amy bites, and Leonard and Penny may or may not be having coitus. Raj says sure, and lets him in, and then asks if Sheldon wants to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary. Sheldon turns and glares at him.

Scene 10 - Leonard and Sheldon’s room

Leonard’s now in what was Sheldon’s bed, and Penny’s in Leonard’s. Penny asks, whispering, are you awake? Leonard says yes. Penny says she really appreciates that Leonard let her stay with him. He says sure, of course. Penny adds, even though it’s weird. Leonard says “true dat.”

Penny asks, true dat? Leonard says yeah, he’s gotten a lot more street since they broke up. Penny laughs a little and says right, then after a pause asks if he’s still mad at her about that. He says no, he understands, he got too intense and she needed to back away. She smiles and says thank you. Then Leonard says he’s actually gotten better at that since they broke up - he’s dated four women, and didn’t tell any of them that he loved them, and wanted to have their babies. Penny smiles again and says “good for you.” Leonard says he’s Mr. Casual now, que sera sera, whatev.

(On the first take Johnny forgot the “whatev,” and there was a long silence before Kaley asked, “Do I have a line?” And they told her what her line was, but then Johnny said that he’d messed up his, and Kaley was all, “See!”)

Penny says that’s great. After a bit of a pause Leonard says, well, goodnight, and she says goodnight. Another pause, and then Penny says maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world if they were to go into the neutral zone - and practically before she’s finished Leonard’s jumping into her bed, and they’re kissing.

But then Raj is coming in, telling Leonard that Sheldon kicked him out, and gave him his key. Leonard turns and tells him that Penny’s there! Raj whispers in Leonard’s ear, and Leonard repeats, “Don’t mind me??” as Raj climbs into Sheldon’s bed. (Penny’s clearly annoyed by Raj’s interruption, too.)

Then Leonard’s line was changed to, “No, we do not want to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary!”

Scene 11 - Quick sequence (pre-taped)

Shot of Bernadette trying to comfort Amy, who is having a night terror and thrashing around. Bernadette’s finger gets bitten, and as she jerks it back she says, “Son of a bitch!”

Then a shot of Howard, who’s in the middle of a very fretful sleep. Then we see his dream, which is Glenn tossing Howard up and catching him like a little baby, repeating over and over “Wee! Wee! Wee!” (Howard’s even dressed in a onesie pajamas). Bernadette tells Glenn to stop, but he says something like, “But he’s just so small and cute!”

Then a shot of Sheldon, who’s sleeping peacefully, nothing bothering him.

Scene 12 - Panel next morning

The group is sitting on a long table for their panel, from left to right it’s Sheldon, Bernadette, Howard, Leonard, Raj, and Amy. Sheldon welcomes the crowd to their panel (Science and Society, I think?), and introduces himself as “Sheldon Cooper, BS, MS, MD, PhD, ScD. OMG.” The rest of the group looks down the table at him, not impressed, and he says that perhaps that joke was too hippie for this crowd.

Sheldon then asks Bernadette if she’d like to start them off by talking about science’s responsibility (he addresses her by her last name, though, which we finally learn, but I can’t remember… other than it ended in “owski”).

Bernadette says yes, and says something like that while nuclear missiles may post a huge threat, as a microbiologist she wants to remind people that the smallest viruses can still rip you a new one. Howard says that the crowd should know that while Bernadette claims to be interested in the small organisms, she’s spent a lot of time around what could be assumed to be mass weapons of war. Bernadette says that while he should remember that the past is the past, he should also know that she can get large missiles anytime she wants.

Down at the end of the table, Amy asks if they’re talking about women wanting penises, because if so she want to weigh in. Sheldon’s startled, and asks Raj if he’d like to contribute to the conversation. Raj says yes, he has two points. First, he believes they are talking about penises. Second, these mimosas (he holds his up) are kicking his little brown ass.

Leonard says that he’d like to kick Raj’s brown ass. Raj asks why, and Leonard says when you enter a hotel room and see a guy getting back together with his girlfriend, you should do something other than climbing in the bed next to them! On the first take, Raj said he was tired. After that, Raj’s line was cut, until the last take, when he said, “I did try, but you didn’t want to watch Bridget Jones!”

Penny calls out from the audience (off-camera) that they weren’t getting back together, it was a one-time thing. Sheldon says that they’re not currently taking questions or comments from the audience. Penny yells, “Shut up, Sheldon!” Amy says, “Hi, bestie!” and waves towards Penny. Penny says, “Yeah, hi,” then focusing on Leonard again, “What happened to Mr. Casual?” Leonard asks, “Is it wrong to think that maybe someday we could be Mr. and Mrs. Casual? And have casual babies?”

Sheldon says, let’s try to return to the topic, but Howard interrupts and says he has a question for Bernie, and asks how she’d react if one of his past girlfriends looked like Angelina Jolie. Bernadette says please, let’s be serious. Howard asks, what, I’m not hot enough for a girl like that? Raj says he’d like to contribute - “No,” and he shakes his head.

Then Sheldon says okay, lets open it up for some audience questions. Penny yells again, “I’ve got a question - who can get me the hell out of here and back to LA tonight?” A guys’ voice from the other side of the room (also off-screen) yells that he’s going back to LA. Bernadette looks back and forth across the room, and says, “Glenn, Penny; Penny, Glen.”

Leonard suddenly jumps up from his seat and yells, “Noo!!” shaking his head (I think my friend and I laughed harder at this reaction than we did at anything else the whole night); and Howard gestures towards Glenn, saying, “Huh?? Huh?!” (Like, see, see what I mean??)

Scene 13 - Driving again

Start in Bernadette’s car. Sheldon’s trying to contact Howard through the radio to play some game of I Spy, but Howard rolls down the window and throws the radio out of the car. I can’t remember any of the other dialogue (it was a really short scene), but Raj ends up throwing up in a bag in the back seat.

Cut to Leonard’s car, which is missing Penny. Sheldon’s looking at his radio in confusion, and says that the others must be out of range. Amy asks Leonard if he’s upset about Penny leaving the conference “with the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.” Leonard says no. Amy asks then why is he driving at 120 miles per hour. Leonard’s surprised, and quickly slows down.

Sheldon says that if no one’s going to play the game with him, he’ll just tell them what he saw - the rims on the police car that they passed a few miles back. Leonard asks, police car? And then there sirens and flashing lights behind them.
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