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Aww, Nagi, sounds like a great day.
It was Britney

It sounds like you've found your Dawson
I don't know that.He doesn't like Dawson at all. But our story reminds me a little bit of DJ.Because my boyfriend was one of my closest male friends.He wasn't my best friend but we were good friends and one day he told me he had feelings for me more than just friend.I wasn't sure first because i was scared.You know friends become lovers then things don't work and finally you lose your love and also friend.Anyway he asked me to go out and i thought it's time to say "we should be just friends".We went to a movie and he hold my hand while we were watching the movie.I felt i wanted to be with him.It was right.It was actually the thing i wanted to do.Now i know i did the right thing.

yeah its great.. i found my joey and have been married to her for 5 years now..
Sounds so romantic Taub I hope you don't have a Pacey in your life
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