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Jen You haven't been to our multiplex yet. When a few hundred teenage girls scream, it can get really deafening Plus I am not that big of a fan as you are They will be opening The Romantics at roughly the same time, so I'll probably go watch that one first (after the movie festival is over, obviously )

The movie festival mostly shows art films or European films that don't get shown in movie theatres, so I wouldn't know if you know any of the titles...they do always have a section of movies which later come into the commerical theatres as well. The opening movie will be Tamara Drewe, I heard it's supposed to be good

I just love it because it shows movies that wouldn't get into our other movie theatres, also from countries that you probably wouldn't even hear of otherwise,

Here's the programme in English if you'd perhaps like to browse through:

21st Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia | Programme | ABC movie list

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