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Once again, to anyone sharing this on other sites, I ask that you please link back to here, rather than copying and pasting the whole thing. Thanks.

The episode is called "The 21-Second Excitation." About half of the scenes were pre-taped, and just shown once, so my memory's not as clear on those.

Scene 1 – Guys’ apartment
The four guys and Penny are watching Indiana Jones, and the main theme music is playing. Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are all smiling, Leonard’s sort of dancing in his seat to the music, and Penny just looks sort of confused.

Penny asks how an archeologist got so good with a whip. Howard says maybe he took a class at the adult bookstore, cause that’s what he did.

Leonard tells Penny he can’t believe she’s never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. Penny says she can’t believe he’s never read Eat, Pray, Love. On the first take, I think Leoanrd said “touché.” On the second, he asked if Eat, Pray, Love had Nazis and giant boulders in it. Then it was changed again to Leonard saying let him know when she writes Eat, Pray, and Run from Giant Boulder. Raj starts to whisper to Howard, but Howard says he doesn’t care how much the book changed Raj’s life, he’s not reading it.

Penny says she could totally rock the hat that Indiana Jones wears. Sheldon tells her that the hat is the creation of some costume designer, who also designed Michael Jackson’s red and white jacket that he wore in the Thriller music video. Sheldon adds that he’s never seen the complete video, because he finds the thought of zombies doing choreographed dancing implausible, plus it’s scary.

Leonard asked who turned on the Sheldon Commentary. Then the line was changed to Leonard asking someone to turn off the Sheldon Commentary. Sheldon responded that there is no off switch, just listen and learn.

Howard tells Penny that if she likes the movie, she should come to see it with them later that week when it’s playing at the theater. Penny says she’s watching it right now, why would she want to watch it later? Sheldon says because the theater version will include 21 seconds of previously unseen footage.

Penny says excitedly, 21 seconds, that’s like a whole new movie! Leonard says exactly, and they say that the 21 seconds fixes the submarine problem. Sheldon tells Leonard that he’s not entirely sure, but he suspects that Penny was using sarcasm. Penny touches her nose. Sheldon’s glad he got it right, and says he’s now 8 for 26 for the month.

Penny tells the guys to enjoy their 21 seconds, but she’s going to pass. Leonard says that he bet if he could get her to understand the importance of the 21 seconds, they’d still be together. Penny says oh, no, they wouldn’t. Raj whispers to Howard, who laughs, and says something like, “I bet that the 21 seconds has something to do with that, too.” Penny makes a face and turns to Leonard and shakes her head.

At the end of this scene, on one take, Kaley and Johnny gave each other a high-five.

Scene 2 – Cheesecake Factory

The four guys and Amy are eating at a round table (near the bar, where Penny is). Sheldon reminds them that the movie is first-come, first-serve. Leonard says that it’s only 5:30, and the movie doesn’t start until midnight. On the first take, Sheldon says something that clarifies that first-come, first-served means that the people who get there late don’t get to see the movie. Then on the second take he said right, it’s 5:30, that means it’s time to go get in line.

Howard says yeah, cause if they miss the movie, they’ll have to listen to Sheldon whine and complain about it for the rest of the night. Sheldon says see, Howard’s on his side. Howard says no, he was being sarcastic. Sheldon says that now he’s 8 for 27.

Sheldon asks Leonard what happened to the Leonard who waited in line with him for 13 hours to see Star Trek Nemesis. Leonard says that he waited in line for 13 hours while Sheldon slept in his chair, got in a fight with some guy in a costume when he came back from using the bathroom and Sheldon wouldn’t wake up to support him, and then, worst of all, he saw Star Trek Nemesis. Sheldon asks, but how were our seats? And Leonard reluctantly says they were awesome.

Sheldon asks Amy doesn’t she think they should leave soon, and she says no, that as a new member of their social group she thinks she should side with the others occasionally to gain their acceptance. So she says they should finish their meal, even if it risks them getting there so late that they may not make it into the movie. Leonard sort of rolls his eyes and says thank you, and she says you’re welcome.

Bernadette comes up behind Howard, and says, “Knock, knock.” He asks who’s there, and she says “Olive,” holding one on a toothpick. Howard says “Olive you too,” and eats it. Leonard tells them that that’s getting kind of old. Howard says “Knock, knock,” Leonard asks who’s there, and Howard says, “I have a girlfriend and you don’t.” Leonard says, yeah, that’s hilarious. Sheldon says they don’t know yet if it’s hilarious, and asks, “I have a girlfriend and you don’t who?”

Howard ignores Sheldon, and asks Bernadette if she’s sure that she doesn’t want to come with them to see the movie or not. She says that the movie has melting faces in it, and it reminds her too much of the time she accidentally dropped a flesh eating virus in a monkey cage. And besides, she’s planning on having a girls’ night with Penny.

Amy asks what a girls’ night entails, and Bernadette says just hanging out, talking girl talk. Amy says, very matter of factly, “I’m a girl.” Bernadette says maybe she can come, and she’ll ask Penny. Bernadette starts to stand and says she can ask Penny, they’re very close.

Leonard, surprised, asks, “You are?” Bernadette says yes, their menzies have synchronized/she wouldn’t be surprised if their menzies had synchronized. She walks away, leaving the rest of them slightly disgusted, and then suddenly Sheldon says, “We’re still waiting. I have a girlfriend and you don’t who?”

So Amy goes up to the bar, and tells Penny that Bernadette told her they’re planning a girls’ night. Penny says yeah, they are. Amy again says, “I’m a girl.” Penny says that it was just going to be her and Bernadette, and wasn’t Amy gonna see the movie with the guys? Amy says that she’s already spent over an hour with them, and that should be enough. First, Penny told her yeah, that sounds about right. Then it was changed to Penny saying yeah, you have to pace yourself with them. Then instead of Bernadette saying she’d already spent an hour with them, she says something like, “But they’re not girls, and I’m a girl,” to which Penny replied yeah, yeah, I got that.

Amy asks what the dress code is, and Penny says just wear something comfortable. Amy looks at her watch, and tells Penny that she’ll need to go shopping.

Back at the table, Sheldon says, “Knock, knock.” Leonard, surprised and amused, asks who’s there. Sheldon says “Hue.” Leonard asks “Hue who?” Sheldon says “Hue people need to listen it me. It’s time to get in line for the movies.” He stands, and adds, “That’s how you tell a knock, knock joke,” and walks away.

Scene 3 – Outside movie theater

All of these scenes with the guys at the movie theater were pre-taped, and shown on the monitors. They’re walking down the outside of the theater, past the huge line of people. Sheldon says he would say “I told you so,” but he’s said it so many times that it’s lost all meaning, so now he’ll say, “I thus informed you.” As they walk, Sheldon points out where they’d be in the line if they hadn’t gone to dinner, and then where they’d be if Raj hadn’t ordered dessert. Raj says that he earned the dessert, he ate all his broccoli.

They eventually reach the end of the line. I can’t remember how the scene ends, though.

Scene 4 – Penny’s apartment

Penny and Bernadette are on the couch, and Amy’s on the chair. Amy says, “So to cut a long story short, it turns out I have a very firm cervix.” Penny tells her that girl talk doesn’t mean they only talk about their woman parts. On the first take, Amy asked, then isn’t it just talk? On the second talk, Amy said that’s too bad, because she was about to tell an amusing anecdote about her uterus. On the third take, Amy said too bad, because she had a story about her tilted uterus.

Penny and Bernadette make faces. Bernadette notices Penny’s nails, and say they look nice. Penny says thanks, she found this new place that’s not very clean (or something), but they pass their savings on to you. Then the line was changed to she found a new place in some woman’s basement, and she’s pretty sure it’s a front for human trafficking, but they do a good job. Amy says that a friend of hers did her thesis on the fungus that grows on improperly sterilized nail products. Penny and Bernadette make faces again, and Amy says come on, don’t tell her that doesn’t count as girl talk.

Penny asks what they’re going to go that night – go to a bar, a club, see a movie. Bernadette says or they could just stay there and talk. Amy says she thinks they should talk and bond. She has a feeling that by the end of the night, one of them will be her new best friend forever - or BFF if they prefer, but she doesn’t.

Penny reaches for another bottle of wine to open (she and Bernadette were both already holding wine glasses), saying they’re gonna need to open up that puppy. Bernadette says she’s not sure if she should have any more, she’s going to have to drive home, and she already has enough trouble as it is seeing over the dashboard. Penny tells her that she can spend the night there, it’s fine.

Amy says oh, it can be a sleepover! They’ll give each other makeovers, and make prank calls, and have pillow fights in their pajamas. Penny says she wouldn’t really call it a sleepover. Amy’s disappointed, and says she always wanted to be invited to one. Penny and Bernadette are surprised, and ask, you were never invited, not even as a little kid? Kaley tripped over her line on one take, and basically got out, “Not even,” before it turned to gibberish, and Mayim laughed and said, “Not even then.”

Amy said there was the time she had her tonsils out and shared a room with a little Vietnamese girl. The girl didn’t make it through the night, but Amy says until then it had been fun. Penny says well, then they’re having a slumber party! Amy picks up a pillow and hits Penny smack in the face with it, then says, “Pillow fight!” Kaley must have been hit at least 4 or 5 times with all the different takes, and on at least one just started laughing after it.

Scene 5 – In line for the movie

Leonard says he hopes they let them in for the movie soon, he’s getting tired of walking to the gas station to use the bathroom, and they always make him buy a Gateraid. Howard says that if Leonard had a stadium chair like he did, he wouldn’t have that problem. Leonard asks, what? And Howard basically says that he doesn’t have to get up to use the bathroom, and it keeps his thigh warm.

Raj walks back to them, saying he was doing some calculations, and he doesn’t know if they’ll make it in or not. Sheldon was asleep in his chair, but he wakes up suddenly, asking what? Leonard tells Raj that he’d just gotten Sheldon down for his nap. Sheldon’s upset with the others that they didn’t get there earlier.

Then Wil Wheaton walks by, with three friends. Sheldon tells them that the back of the line is the other direction, and says something about Wheaton being the Jar-Jar Binks of Star Trek. But the guy in charge walks by, recognizes Wheaton, and says he’s a big fan. Wheaton says he and his friends got there a little late, and asks if there’s any way they could get in. The guys says sure, and before he walks away, Wheaton says something to Sheldon with a Jar-Jar accent, I think about Sheldon being sad that he couldn’t get in?

Raj starts to say something about a lesson from Eat, Pray, Love, but Howard stops him.

Scene 6 – Penny’s

Bernadette’s painting her toe nails, and Penny’s working on one of Amy’s hands. Bernadette says that what she loves most about Howard is his chest hair. Penny asks, he has a hairy chest? Bernadette says no, just the one hair, but it’s adorable. Then instead of adorable, on a different take she said it’s really long.

Penny finishes Amy’s nails (on the first take, the nails on her hand were falling off, and Kaley had to stop cause she forgot her lines cause she was distracted), and says there you go! Amy looks at them, and says her nails have never looked so pretty, then tells Penny to take them off.

Scene 7 – The guys in line

The line starts to move forward. Sheldon’s reading Wheaton’s latest tweet, which says basically got great seats for Indiana Jones, suck on it Sheldon. And then he has a tweet about how he’s eating popcorn. Sheldon hopes that his next tweet is that he’s choking on the popcorn.

Sheldon gets a phone call, answers it, and says something like, “This is an odd time for a phone service check.” And he agrees to repeat back the phrases that he hears. There are three random/nonsense phrases he says (just a few syllables each). But then he’s told to say them all together, and when he does he’s saying something insulting about himself. I can’t remember the whole thing, but I think it started with “I’m a butt…”

Then it cuts back to Penny’s apartment (the rest of the scene taped live again), where Penny’s holding her phone and laughing, and tells the others that’s how to you do a prank call.

Amy’s looking on her phone at Wikipedia’s list of slumber party activities, and says next is truth or dare. Penny says great, you go first, but Amy says wait a second, she’s familiarizing herself with the rules. She finishes reading, and asks Bernadette truth or dare. She chooses truth. Amy asks her at what temperature to do cook roast beef (?? some sort of meat) to kill the bacteria… I couldn’t hear the rest of the line cause of all the laughter. Bernadette looks confused, and Amy reminds her she has to answer truthfully.

Penny tells Amy that you’re supposed to ask a question that’s personal or embarrassing. Amy says oh, okay, then asks Bernadette what’s the circumference of her something.

Scene 8 – In line

The guys reach the very front of the line, only to be told that the theater’s full. Sheldon says that this is an example of a misuse of undeserved power (not the right phrasing, but the same general idea), and asks the guy with the clipboard how he can let Wheaton and his friends in, but not them. He basically says cause he’s the one with the power, bitches, and walks away.

Sheldon says that he’s now going back to “I told you so,” and repeats it to them. They start to walk away, but Sheldon notices a side entrance through an alley. He goes down it, and says, “Come on, Short Round!” Leonard asks, Short Round? Howard tells him it was one of Indiana Jones’ sidekicks. Leonard says he knows that, but why does he have to be Short Round? And the guys follow Sheldon into the alley.

Scene 9 – Penny’s

Amy finishes reciting some weird story, in an accent (German?), and Penny asks what the hell was that. Amy says that Bernadette dared her to tell a dirty story, and The Miller’s Tale is the dirtiest she knows. On the second take, she also added that the people from the 14th century would have hidden it in their sock drawers had they worn socks. Bernadette says she liked the part where he kissed her nether regions. Amy tells her she wouldn’t like it if she knew what the nether regions were, and if one was concerned about hygiene they wouldn’t kiss there.

Bernadette turns to Penny and asks truth or dare. Penny picks truth. Bernadette asks her why she still spends so much time hanging out with Leonard if they’re broken up. Amy says that that’s a good question, because for two people who claim to be no longer para-bonded, they spent a lot of time with each other. Bernadette nods and says “yeah.”

Penny tries to change her choice to dare, but Amy says that to her knowledge, the game doesn't allow for ex post facto changes of your choice, and Bernadette says "yeah" again.

Penny’s uncomfortable, and says that Leonard’s a great guy, and why can’t they just remain friends? Bernadette asks if Leonard was such a great guy, then why did Penny break up with him? Penny says that they only get one question, and Amy and Bernadette look at each other, then say “That one.”

Penny says that Leonard was getting too serious, and she wasn’t ready for that. Amy asks then what will Penny do if a day comes when she is ready, but Leonard’s no longer available because some other girl has seen what a great guy he is. Penny glares at them, says she doesn’t want to play anymore, and stands up and walks to her room and slams the door.

To film that, Kaley just stood up from her seat, then hopped over to the side. They switched the camera to just show Bernadette and Amy (on the couch), and had a woman who was dressed as Penny who then walked behind them; you could only see up to her upper back or so.

Amy then turns to Bernadette, and says that she thinks they just won truth or dare, and holds up her hand for a high-five.

Scene 10 – Inside the theater

Leonard, Howard, and Raj are inside the theater, looking for Sheldon and calling his name. Raj whistles, and Howard says they’re looking for Sheldon, not Marmaduke. But then Sheldon comes down the nearby stairs, saying “You whistled?”

He’s holding two large metal film cases, and says if they can’t see Indiana Jones, no one else can see it either. Leonard says that’s crazy, and Sheldon says no, what’s crazy is that they left the projection room unattended. Wheaton comes out, and I can’t remember what he said, but then Sheldon makes a run for it with the film, and the other guys run after him.

Then it cuts to a shot of the front of the theater, with the four guys running out, and then they’re being chased by an angry mob of people, led by Wheaton.

Scene 11 – Penny’s

Amy and Bernadette are still sitting on the couch. Bernadette says that Penny’s been back there for a while now. Amy says that maybe they can cheer her up with another sleepover activity, and looks at the list again. One of the things is experimental lesbianism, so she hands the phone to Bernadette, who asks “What website are you looking at?” and goes to knock on Penny’s door.

Penny says to come in, which she does and then closes the door. Penny starts to apologize, but then shrieks, and Amy tells her not to worry, she won’t kiss her nether region.

Bernadette’s still on the couch, looking at the list, and says that she would have gone with eating raw cookie dough.

At the end I went down to the front for autographs, and was able to get Melissa's attention and asked if she'd sign, which she was happy to do. I told her I was glad she's part of the cast now, and she said thanks, and asked what my name was. So I told her, and on the corner of my program she wrote "U rock Roxanne!" and then signed right underneath it; she's really sweet!

Kaley was also nearby talking to a few people, and she signed my Comic-Con magazine.
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